Carriers: Hard or Soft?

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Donny the Astro-Kitty

My heart is- broke.
Purred: Tue Jun 27, '06 3:00pm PST 
mommy would prefer hard carriers even tho they are more bulky, so that when we get transported (usually to the vet) we don't get too scared or hurt by accidental bumping etc.

Kitty Mongoose

Bringing Back- Old Fashion Sass
Purred: Thu Jun 29, '06 10:17pm PST 
In my experience with a soft carrier, it isn't good because when Kitty got anxious knowing that she was going on a trip, she was able to unzip it.. I figured out a way to secure it so she can't unzip, however she claws at it and has ripped parts of the carrier. I think soft ones are more for small dogs.

I prefer the hard ones now because it's more roomie and the kitties cannot open it. You can put a little blanket inside to make it more comfortable.

Hope that helps!


Not now, I'm- sleeping.
Purred: Thu Jul 6, '06 4:43am PST 
I personally love the soft ones, they're so easy to get out of. My humans don't see the funny side though. They got me a solid one, and I can't escape darn it. Since I'm usually being taken to the vets in it, escape is exactly what I want!

Little Ma Ma

Spoiled rotten? - No, I'm spoiled- sweet!
Purred: Thu Jul 6, '06 10:41pm PST 
Thanks for all of the great info, all of you! I'm really thinking about getting this one that Diego suggested, the Avior. It might be best for us, and hopefully I'll feel a bit more comfortable since it's dome-shaped.

Mom's real wary of getting us a soft carrier because she doesn't want us to tear it up or hurt ourselves, so she's just going to play it safe and get what she knows- a hard carrier.


I'm bringing- sexy back
Purred: Fri Jul 7, '06 12:26pm PST 
You will love it Little Ma Ma. Mom says the best part is that there is no fighting to get us through an opening. It has two different ways to open that allows our people to simply place us kitties inside without a fight. The extra room is nice to for a hefty kitty like myself. I hope you enjoy it. Purrrrrrrrrrs - Diego

☆Zoril- la☆

When in- Doubt...PURR!
Purred: Sun Jul 9, '06 9:56pm PST 
There's a photo of my carrier on this cat's page: http://www.catster.com/pet_page.php?i=342197

Check it out, it's really nice. It's about $30 at PetsMart. We do agree that some soft carriers don't work well, but this one has wire type stuff in it so it's really durable.


Just throw the- ball already!
Purred: Fri Jul 14, '06 8:47am PST 
My Mommy has a hard carrier for me but she put a pillow in the bottom to make it more comfy. She even had Grandma make a fur pillow case so it'll be more comfy. My little sister has one too, but hers is fleece with fur edges. But after Zori-lla's post.. she's thinking about a soft one for when we travel.


The WORLD is my- toybox!
Purred: Mon Aug 28, '06 4:56pm PST 
I prefer the soft carrier......but my sister ALWAYS goes in the hard carrier because she's like Houdini in the soft one. Somehow she always squeezes out no matter how zipped the thing is. I think it all depends on kitties needs / preferences.


Super Smart!
Purred: Tue Aug 29, '06 1:54pm PST 
Well our Mom wasn't sure if we would like a soft one or not so she got us one. The good thing is she can put us on her shoulder to carry us if her arms are full. Bad thing is we have learned how to move the zipper from the inside by pushing our head the right angle and our head will pop out of the carrier. If we continued we could get out and lost and upset our Mom. So now we are back to the hard carriers but Mom puts a nice fleece blanket in there for us so we are comfy.


I'm a meerkat!

Purred: Wed Aug 30, '06 2:09pm PST 
We have three hard carriers and one soft one. The soft one is actually part of Lucky Boo's stroller. I get claustrophobic in carriers, and I try to get out by rubbing my face into the gate. I used to ride in a hard carrier, but since most of them have metal gates, I was always cutting up my nose trying so desperately to get out. Now when I ride in the car, Mommy lets me ride in Lucky Boo's soft carrier that detaches from his stroller. I still don't like it, but it does have a lot of mesh that I can see out of. I still rub my face into the mesh, but I don't hurt my nose so badly!
We prefer hard carriers, except for me because of my nose. So I am the only one who goes in a soft carrier. The hard ones are much more durable and don't have zippers, so there's no possibility of a kitty unzipping his carrier and escaping!

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