Moving an Older Cat

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Xander - Here we go,- Steelers!
Purred: Mon Aug 14, '06 4:21pm PST 
Hey, I moved to Pittsburgh from San Diego. When I got here, I hid for days! But the food kept disapearing, so they knew I was eating. Eventually I needed petting so I came out. It takes time to adjust.

Merlin (1996- - 2007)

Secretly Demonic
Purred: Fri Aug 18, '06 9:06am PST 
Thanks for all of your advice and comforting words.

OK so now it's week 2. A few days ago we brought Kolbe upstairs to introduce them. Kolbe just sits and looks at Merlin and wags her tail, meanwhile Merlin looks at Kolbe, growling this very satanic-growl, and hissing (which he never does really). Kolbe leaned in a little to get a closer look and Merlin whacked her one in the face, hehe.

So Merlin's been mostly staying in the bedroom again and using under the bed as his "retreat" from Kolbe even though I feel there is a .05% chance Kolbe would do anything to Merlin. If Kolbe is asleep, Merlin will venture out into the other rooms, but watches her very carefully as he saunters by. He's still eating regularly. Amazingly Kolbe has not yet touched his food, water, OR his litter pan. I will be seriously impressed if she can keep up this pattern.

The night before last Merlin was waiting for us on the apartment steps landing (we live in a 3-unit house...future bro-in-law and his g/f live on the 2nd floor and we live in the attic). We had been enjoying a drink on the front porch with them and the dogs. We opened the door and Kolbe started up the stairs. They saw each other and Merlin BOLTED. Kolbe RAN after her until I yelled KOLBE STOP. She stopped in her tracks and stayed, but Merlin ran into the bedroom under the bed. I don't think Kolbe has any ill intent, she was just chasing him because he ran. But I'm hoping that wasn't a step backwards.

Today Merlin ventured out into the living room and walked by Kolbe and he did not growl at her, for the first time. If she gets up and looks over at him he gets a little nervous and retreats. I don't know how to show him that Kolbe won't hurt him. She has overall been doing a very good job of just sitting still and observing the cat. She won't get up to "inspect" him if I tell her "stay". She isn't giving off any bad signals like growling or barking or raising her hackles.

Like I mentioned before, Merlin lived with my collie Quest until he died last October. So I thought Merlin would be less hostile since he had lived with a dog his whole life. Not to mention that Kolbe is half the size Quest was. I am going to do some more research on semi-peaceful cat/dog co-existence...I feel bad when I see Merlin growling and hissing and running under the bed. I know this will take time and it's only been a few days....hopefully things will get better.

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