cage or no cage?

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The Beetle
Purred: Fri May 5, '06 1:52am PST 
I'm a happier cat in the car if I don't have to be in my carrier, but my mummy worries about accidents. So I wear my harness and a leash and she ties the leash firmly to a buckled seatbelt. That way, I'm wearing a seatbelt of my own, but I'm not stressed because I'm in my carrier. My Uncle Hawkeye travels like this, too. But unless I'm wearing my harness and securely attached to a seatbelt, I have to be in my carrier in the car. Otherwise it's just not safe, not for me and not for anyone else... I could distract the driver and cause an accident or I could be flung through the windshield!


Little Pink- Nosies Rule!
Purred: Fri May 5, '06 2:11am PST 
That's kind of what Mom would do with Molly, our dog.
What made her really think about all this was an accident on our street years ago.
The young man who was driving had brought his dog along for the ride. As the car was moving down the street, the dog tried to get from the back to the front, bumping the driver and distracting him. Crunch! Right into a parked car!


Purred: Fri May 5, '06 2:58pm PST 
mommy puts me in the cage now when in the car because she let me out on the way to the vet once and i decided i was going to be annoying and rub my face in her face while she was driving and i kept doing it



Professor Meow- Meow
Purred: Fri May 5, '06 6:58pm PST 
well I dont like the cage. But I stayed in it. And last winter there was a bad storm and a large truck and the car went off the road,as to avoid the truck, and SINCE i'm a cat I didn't go flying. I have claws! I clung to the seat. And I wasnt upset to be sideways in the ditch (the humans dad wasnt too thrilled that she used up his CAA MOL). but the human has enough issues with parking tickets that she doesnt want to add to her problems for having me loose. (although 4 out of 6 cops say it technically isnt illegal) thanks for the advice and attempted guilt trips! I'll stay in the cage and pout.
Good travelling kitties


A musician's- kitty
Purred: Wed May 10, '06 11:06am PST 
I like going in the car, too! My mommy always keeps me in my cozy cage with some toys and a blanket on the bottom so that I'm comfortable. She also makes sure to not let me eat too soon before we travel so that I don't get sick. I don't mind my cage. I feel safer in there, knowing that if I hear a loud noise, it can't get to me! Mommy likes to have me in the passenger seat with her so that she can talk to me when she's driving, and when we're at a red light she can pet me through the cage and make sure I'm ok. I think cages are good for kitties when we're in the car. It's safer for us, and safer for you-- you wouldn't like it if we freaked out about something and went under your feet! That would be bad!


Go away!
Purred: Wed May 10, '06 11:12am PST 
I hate riding in the car! I cry and cry and cry... frown


Panther in- Disguise!
Purred: Mon Jun 12, '06 1:18pm PST 
Mama is gonna make me ride in a crate on our way back to VA. I dont mind being in the crate. To be honest, when the dog isnt looking I sneak inside and take a nap.

Beatrice- (Miss You!- '94-'12)

The very Beast- of all

Purred: Wed Jun 14, '06 12:17am PST 
Billy Bi--top of Lake Michigan? We've been there! In fact, if you look at our brother Max's page, there's a pic of him with our grandma on the beach, somewhere near Engadine or Naubinway or one of those places...

Our mom tried letting my brother, Arthur, roam loose inside the car. But on our first long car trip, she put me in the carrier and let him stay loose, but after all his fussing and carrying-on, she finally stuffed him in the carrier with me. It was kind of a snug fit, but after I washed his face and his ears, he shut right up. Now, we ride in the carrier together all the time! I think we just feel more secure that way. smile


Lazy, Lazy, Lazy
Purred: Wed Jun 14, '06 4:48pm PST 
It is much safer for cats to be contained in a carrier. What if we run under your feet while you are driving? Seen a couple of cats get stuck under the seat, and the owner actually had to remove the seat to get them out. I feel it is important for our animals to be restrained, just as it is important for humans to be. It really hit home, when a client of the hospital my mom works for, went into a diabetic shock while driving, ran off the road, and flipped the car. Not only was she hospitalized for a couple of weeks, but both of her unrestrained dogs were also injured and needed the services of our emergency clinic. They ended up staying at our hospital for a week, then 2 more until the owner was recovered enough to take them home. Fortunately nothing worse happened to them (as this was bad enough). Just one more reason to restrain us.

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