Which is more traumatic? A car trip and a strange place, or staying home with evil sister?

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Professor Meow- Meow
Purred: Tue Apr 18, '06 8:58am PST 
You really shouldnt just stop giving ur kitty the meds for that long, unless u wean her off first. It will mess with her brain and her health (just like with people)Is your place big enough to lock them on separate floors? (each with the necessities)?


NOOOOO! let me- do it!
Purred: Tue Apr 18, '06 2:37pm PST 
thanks again to everyone that took the time to try and help us out....we are now waiting to hear back from two pet sitters. we don't have to decide on any one thing until july. emma's vet actually said yesterday that it may be time to start weaning her off of her meds....so that whole issue may not be a problem. my parents just really want to do the right and best thing for us - which is why we always look to our catster friends for help! we shall see what happens when we interview the pet sitters - we might be right back at square one afterwards...who knows? Thanks again!

Orca The- Killer- Kitten

It's a tux thing
Purred: Tue Apr 25, '06 10:15am PST 
A pet sitter is a good idea. When my family went on a trip they found a really nice pet sitter that not only came in and fed and played with me twice a day. But cleaned my litter, watered the plants, turned different lights on and off and picked up our mail and papers. I also got a daily progress report and it only cost our family $10.00 a day. I also got to interview her. She came by before hand so my mom could ask questions and I could see if I would like her coming into my house. I missed my family, but I had alot of fun!


A musician's- kitty
Purred: Wed May 10, '06 11:13am PST 
I'm the only pet in my family right now, so I don't know what sibling rivalry is like! I do know about car trips, though. One time, my mommy had to move half-way across the country, and it took 4 days of driving to get there, and I drove in the car with her the whole way! It wasn't so bad. My mommy kept me in my carrier and after the first day when it took a little while to get used to being in the car so long, I just slept most of the time. 3 hours is nothing! Try 16! If you decide to take your kitty along, just make sure she hasn't eaten in a little while so she doesn't get car sick!

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