sedative for flying?

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Purred: Wed May 10, '06 7:21am PST 
No no no no! Dont use a seditive! Mummy flew me all the way from australia! The vets told her dont ever use a seditive when flying your babies. The reason they said is because when we are asleep or calmed with the seditive we hear all the sounds and stuff and it can really harm/hurt us. It is bad to use them. In the long run it can cause us to have hearing problems or it can cause us to be very jumpy to sounds afterwards.
When i was flying from australia mummy put my fav blanket and my fav toy inside my carrier. I was very happy and the airlines people were very nice to me.
No to seditives!

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Purred: Sat May 13, '06 6:05am PST 
I have to vouch for the no sedative rout. I flew from Detroit all the way to Salvador (that's over 9000 miles and 21 hours worth of flight and travel time) with no sedative and I was fine. So was my pal Lela, who flew with me and was even more nervous than I was. If I can do that kind of trip with no sedative, I am sure you can handle a few hours. It's scary at first, and I was in the cargo hold (mom couldn't decide which of us would get to ride with her, so we went together instead - the airline would only allow one pet per passenger in the cabin), but once you get through the trip, it seems like it was much easier.


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Purred: Sun May 14, '06 9:24pm PST 
Hey, I flew from San Diego to Pittsburgh! The doctor said sedatives are not good, because the funky air-pressure can affect the way drugs work. The affect is much worse for us smaller folk than it is for the two-legs!

I was scared, but did the whole thing, didn't poop or pee! Dad was nice enough to include a smelly T-Shirt. I hid for a few days when we got to the new place, but I got over it.


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