sedative for flying?

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DON'T piss me- off.
Purred: Mon Mar 27, '06 12:34pm PST 
Heya guys..I will be flying with my mommy to Calgary (from Toronto) and I was wondering what to do to calm me down? Even in car rides to the vets, I cry and cry and cry. I even poop in the carrier (every time!). Does anyone else poop in the carrier in the car? Mommy even tried fasting me the night before the vets (like you would before a surgery), but even that didnt work...I still had some in me!
Mommy's afraid I will cry and/or poop in my carrier on the plane! Help! I don't want to make her (or anyone else on the plane) mad!


King of the- pride
Purred: Wed Mar 29, '06 5:55am PST 
Hi Kiara
I know how you feel, I HATE the carrier and the car too. But I have never pooped in the carrier. It sounds like you probably had a really scary experience once involving a car or being in a carrier- probably before you got to your current family?
When I had to go on a long car trip because we moved house, the vet said I could try being sedated, but in my case I reacted badly to the drug! Luckily we were doing a trial run before the actual move, and so in the end I wasn't sedated for the move and I was ok.
Just wanted to say watch out for that. You'd probably need to talk to your vet, but if they do recommend sedation then do a trial run first to see how it affects you.
Other than that I don't have any tips because I've never flown before. I'm sure other kittys will have some advice.
Good luck!

Ashleigh (In- Loving- Memory)

Purred: Thu Mar 30, '06 9:40am PST 
HiYa Kiara!
My mom made me do this just a few weeks ago!!! She was all freaked out and stuff for no reason at all. I'm a talker in the car, so she REALLY thought I'd embarras her on a plane. I think I was pretty scared, cuz I purr'd all the way from Savannah to Washington, DC (to see my human grandpa). The vet gave mom two sedatives for me (just in case), but after reading all kindsa stuff, she decided not to give me one, and BOY am I glad she didn't...I get just too drunk on that stuff. Anyhoo, she DID give me some of this REALLY nasty tasting liquid stuff she called "Pet Calm" -- she had to use a plunger to get it in my mouth (Phoooooeeeey, pffftt, yek, yak YUCK!) but I spit some of it out on her, so I feel like we're even. Anyway, Mom says this stuff is all homeopathic stuff and is supposed to be good for me 'n stuff, so I guess it's ok. She got it at PetSmart but you can also order it from DrsSmith & Foster. I'll let mom tell you the rest.

Hey Kiara's mom!
I think "Stinky" pretty much covered some of this, but let me give you some other (often not told) information: I'm assuming your baby will be in the cabin with you (?).
1. Make sure you have made arrangements with the airline LONG before you travel!! It cost me $80 (each way) for Ashleigh to hang out under the seat in front of me.

2. Once you've made your arrangements, call every couple of days or so just to make sure they KNOW for SURE that you're traveling with a special passenger. I would act like it was the first call I made each time....I know, they probably thought I was a real pain, but I never talked to the same person smile

3. Make sure your carrier will fit in the seat in front of you on the plane. Each airline has a different size (ugh!), so check with them on their size. I bought a Serpa specifically for this trip (soft), so it could squish a little bit in case it didn't fit.

3. Make ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY SURE you have a HEALTH CERTIFICATE (from your vet) NOT MORE THAN 10 DAYS OLD!!! (Check with your airline on timeline, but MOST airlines require it to be less than 10 daus p;d_ (btw, NOBODY ever asked for mine, but I felt better knowing I had it after some horror stories I'd heard about folks getting to the airport and NOT being able to take their baby because they didn't have one or it was "expired".)

4. Put a collar and a leash on your baby. You WILL have to take your baby out of the carrier to go through x-ray and if yours is anything like mine, she was a bit nervous to begin with (due to car ride), but this REALLY made her nervous!! (She practically FLEW back INTO her carrier at the end of the X-ray conveyor belt--this just doesn't happen! Picture spread eagle cat on door to carrier in most instances)

5. She didn't say much....she did speak when spoken to just to let me know she was ok, but was very wide-eyed most of the trip (2 1/2 hour flight)

Btw, I had read all over the place (including AVA) that it's not good to give animals sedatives flying, so did MUCH research on this, spoke with my vet and she reassured me that Ash would be ok, but just to make ME feel better gave me two sedatives (one for each way) AND some "pet calm". I used the Pet Calm on the way up, but nothing on the return flight. I also drove around (specifically up and down hills) everyday for about a week before we left and started using Pet Calm two days before. Stinky doesn't poop in her carrier...nor does she pee, but hopefully there will be just enough anxiety with your baby that she won't either...or maybe she'll get it out of her system in the car.

WOW, this is long...sorry, but if you're like me you've got a million questions...sooooo, if you have any more just ask! GOOD LUCK!

Ziggy- Stardust

got bengal?
Purred: Thu Mar 30, '06 3:49pm PST 
When mommy, Lulu and I moved from Toronto to California, the vet told her to give us half a tablet of Gravol an hour before a flight. It worked on Lulu, but not on me.

Mommy also found an effective herbal remedy that she uses to calm me before shows and rides. The company is based in Mississauga and have a website www.HolisticBlend.com and the product is called Herbal Calmer for Pets. It works, but it tastes yucky.

Mommy has never sedated Lulu or myself. The altitude might have some unpredictable effects. As for pooping, just bring a fresh set of blankets and throwaway towels. It happens.


DON'T piss me- off.
Purred: Mon Apr 3, '06 7:37am PST 
Thanks guys! Moms gonna try some of that PetCalm stuff and test it out for a carride before the big plane ride.
Thanks! I'll let you know how I make out once we get to Calgary! (We're moving anytime between May 1 and June 30!)

Azurine- Ambrosia

Purred: Mon Apr 3, '06 7:53am PST 
I like to ride,, if dad goes on crooked roads and down hills sometimes make me car sicky.. but i love going. My aunty human Sandy took her kitty's to Germany once and she got a pill for them to help them rest on the trip . I t worked very well.... I not poo in my carrier, but grammys kittys does some times.. Bluie


I'm the- purrrrfect cat- ever!
Purred: Tue May 9, '06 1:40pm PST 
I know I'm late but still!!! You can give some calming to your kitty. Talk to your vet about it. I have take the plane once and mom have put my older sister Tig with me so she was less afraid to have me with her. She have done the same with Lili and Gizmo. They came together in the same crate.
I kool that you come in my area!!! We would be so close together! Maybe if I escape the house I can make a trip to yours!

Lilibet- Squeekietoy- Humphrey

I am the Tiny- Girl!
Purred: Tue May 9, '06 8:37pm PST 
Hey, Klara, are you riding with mommy in the cabin? Then, she'll be near and she can calm you down. We think riding in the luggage part of the plane is just too awful! Most airlines ok one animal in each section. It might cost extra--I don't know. The other thing is, HEY! Those human babies make a lotta noise so what the heck's the diff!? (What are they gonna do? Throw ya off the plane? I don't think so!) LOVE, Lilibet

Billi Bi- Humphrey

"Got chicken!?"
Purred: Tue May 9, '06 8:40pm PST 
Yeah--and if you poo in there mommy can take care of it right away! After all those human babies poo ALL the time and they don't even know how to clean themselves off! When I was a teeny-tiny mommy used to make a little tiny box that fit in the back of my carrier even when we went to the vet--cause little babies poo so much! Love, Billi Bi

Beatrice- (Miss You!- '94-'12)

The very Beast- of all

Purred: Wed May 10, '06 1:09am PST 
My mommy has spent years working for the airlines, and I have to say that Lilibet and Billi-Bi are right, if you can ride in the cabin with your human, that's much better! Usually you can make arrangements for that if you're flying domestic.

As far as sedatives go, they can help a lot, especially if you're flying in the cargo compartment (which is very scary). But you should check with your vet, to see if she/he would recommend it for you, Kiara. Then, go with what your vet says.

Have a good flight! smile

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