From Canada to Australia...can it be done?

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Inspired by your- purr!
Purred: Fri Feb 24, '06 7:33am PST 
My mom's boyfriend is thinking of going to Australia for teacher's College...whatever that is....ans my mom is really really worried about me travelling in a plane for over 30 hours!!!! I know she would buy a seat for me beside her.....but where do I go to the bathroom? Where do I eat? Will this make me sad forever?
We won't be there permanently....but it's atleast one year.
I need some help kitties! Any advice?

Scooter ~- Our Angel

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Purred: Fri Feb 24, '06 7:56am PST 
While you're waiting for some kitties to answer you with some good advice (I have none), you could read the thread that is titled "Flying with our kitties." It might answer some of your questions, especially about a litter box, and drinking water during that length of time.

edit to add: That thread is in this same section.


Paint me orange- and call me- Garfield
Purred: Fri Feb 24, '06 8:04am PST 
I never travelled by plane because I'm too big to be able to buy a seat next to mommy so I would have to go on the compartment and mommy doesn't won't that, so instead of a 2 hour plane trip we make a 3 days car trip.
Is a non-stop flight or does it scale somewhere? Tell your mommy to be aware of all implications of bringing a kittie to Australia. When mommy and dad were going to move from Germany to London, I started preparations 6 months before so that I wouldn't be put on quarantine when we arrived there. Your mommy should get information from the vet.

If you are going on a seat next to mommy I think you won't have to worry about being afraid of the trip. As for going to the bathroom the best would be for mommy to call the airline for advise and ask if she is allowed to take you on your box to the airplane bathroom and improvise a small litter box for you (like a carboard with plastic); I cant think of any other option and i believe the other passsagengers wouldn't like very much the smell of our pee heheheh You and you mommy are most likely to be travelling on the back of the plane.
You won't be allowed to come outside your cat container, so it should be big enough for you, a small thing for water, another for food (maybe it's best during the trip dry food and when she takes you to the bathroom and maybe a treat or your favourite dish); also it's best that you are relaxed. Some vets will give your mommy a pill for you to take. I can say I had the first time and made me more scary because I wanted to move and couldn't and yet didn't make me sleepy at all just couldn't move; then mommy spoke with another vet in Germany and she advised something she calls catnip spray, I like it smile a little bit sprayed on my container and on my favourite toys (not on me!!!!) and I'm ok for the whole trip. Finally, ask mommy to put on your box a shirt or something she wore the day before the trip so you can sense her sent and be more calm.

As for being happy? it's one year in another country, I think you will like it! Can you imagine of so many things to discover ? When I came here I discover that from time to time there are small things like coton coming from the sky!!!!!! and they are cold! Mommy calls is snow and she's always happy with it so, so am I.

But be sure that you mom gets the information before taking the trip. My mommy found this on the internet, maybe it will help yours:

http://www.livingin-australia.com/taking-dogs-cats-austral ia.htm

(here's some importants stuff but tell mommy to read the whole page!)
Q. Can I take my dog / cat to Australia?

A. Australia has quarantine laws to keep animal diseases outside its borders.

The length of time your cat or dog will be quarantined in Australia depends on where it comes from.

Pets coming from countries where rabies is absent or well controlled have to spend a minimum of 30 days in quarantine. These countries include most European Union countries, Canada, Hong Kong, South Korea and the United States.

The amount of quarantine time from these countries depends on when you have the required RNATT performed in your home country. (RNATT is the rabies neutralising antibody titre test.) You need to get this done before bringing your cat or dog to Australia. 180 days must pass between having the test carried out and your pet being free to leave Australian quarantine. For example, if you arrange the RNATT to be done 150 days or more before moving, your pet will only need to be quarantined for 30 days. If you leave the test until 65 days before you leave, your pet would be quarantined for 115 days in Australia.


Inspired by your- purr!
Purred: Fri Feb 24, '06 9:28am PST 
Oh MY GOODNESS..Meow...Meow...Meow. 30 days without my mom! I don't know if either of us would survive that! My mom says she will read all the info you gave us and thanks you so very much for your time and detailed answer. I think Mom might let Kevin go on his own. I sure would love to be somewhere warm...but it's all very scary..can mommy stay with me while I am being quarantined? Oh, this is so sad....frown But I understand . There are always rules to protect all other animals and humans too.

Thanks so much!!


Paint me orange- and call me- Garfield
Purred: Fri Feb 24, '06 4:18pm PST 
I don't know how is it in Australia, but if we had gone to london and had have to be on quarantine it was in a state quarantine for pets facility, although mommy could visit me everyday, she and daddy decided that it was very sad therefore I was prepared with enough time (6 months), I had to get the chip, then a new ravies vaccine then blood sample.... the whole process I didn't like that much....but I was glad that mommy and dad postponed the decison for the time needed.
Since in your case is *only* 30 days, maybe you and your mommy could join your mommy's friend anfterwards ? If so, be sure to get the right papers to proove that you have gone through the whole process with your vet so that there's no problem when arriving. And be sure to check the otherway around, that is, processo to get out from australia and get back to canada, because in London, if mommy and daddy wanted to go some other country and take me with them I'd had to go through the whole quarantine process again...
Some countries are very complicated to move to, even temporarely, and this two (australia and england) are not the worst.... vet said it would be far more worst to move to new zealand for instance....

MorganThePi- rate in- heaven

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Purred: Sat Feb 25, '06 5:21am PST 
Can you stay with your Grandma while Mommy is gone? I flew from Puerto Rico to New York, and it was only 4 1/2 hours, but I didn't like it. I was lucky cause I flew inside the cabin on Uncle Hector's lap. But as embaressing as this is - I went potty in my carrier. Mommy cannot take you out of the carrier to let you go potty on the airplane - there really isn't a place for her to let you use a litter box.

You are a lucky kitty - sounds like your Mommy really loves you! I hope you let us know how everything works out.


Inspired by your- purr!
Purred: Sat Feb 25, '06 9:26am PST 
Yeah, Mommy loves me so much. She told her boyfriend that having a pet is much like having a child to her. She says I am her baby and she wouldn't want to do that to anyone! I think if Kevin (mom's boyfriend) is to go to Australia, Mom said she would go visit for a few months when Grandma and Grandpa could take care of me. Mom says she doesn't trust just anyone to take care of me. Kevin's Mom and Dad said they would take care of me so that Mom could go to Australia for the whole year...but Mom seems too sad to be without me. I think I would be sad too...although I do love Grandma and Grandpa...I just don't know Kevin's parents and Mom is afraid they won't give me the proper attention she says I deserve!

Jesse James - An Angel

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Purred: Sun Feb 26, '06 4:59am PST 
Your Mom sounds like she really really loves you a lot! Maybe you could spend a weekend with Kevin's parents and see if they take good care of you. Sounds like they will be your Grandparents one day soon, anyway. You are so lucky they both want to take care of you. Maybe Mom can go visit Kevin for a few months, and then come home.

She sounds like a really realy great Mom


Mad Max Beyond- Litterdome
Purred: Sun Feb 26, '06 5:19pm PST 
Hey Marlo,
Kashmere and I flew from California to Sicily, Italy last year. Boy, what a ride! I really didn't think it was that bad - we slept most of the trip. Mom got to see us before we took the big trip over the ocean and she fed us then. We went to the vet before we took the trip to make sure all of our shots were up to date and we got something called a microchip put in our ears.
I looked up on the internet with moms help and found a website for AQIS (Australlian Quarantine and Inspection Services) . It's www.affa.gov.au
The site has a picture of that Steve guy on it ...the guy that wrestles crocs. I like his show; he's amusing. Oh! maybe you can wrestle a croc and make some boots. That would be soooo cool.

I have to go now but email me anytime if you want to know more about taking that plane ride.


Let sleepin'- cats lie.
Purred: Sun Feb 26, '06 5:34pm PST 
Hi Marlo,
Max just rattled on forever but he didn't answer your questions. When we flew to Sicily we were on a plane nearly 24 hours and in 3 different airports , 3 different planes. Mom fed us in the morning before we went to the airport and she gave us brand new litter. I guess she knows that brand new litter makes us have to go. Maybe your mom can do the same. Don't worry if you have to go while your on the plane. Mom gave Maxwell and I a blanket to do our business on just in case. Maxwell used his blanket but it wasn't discovered until we were in Sicily already and mom just threw the blanket away.
We had these things called 'medicine' that the lady with the white coat that shoots me in the butt gave our mom but mom never gave it to us. That's cool you get to sit next to your mom. That will probably be better than our ride. We had to ride above the luggage. There was another cat down there with us and he was crying alot. Try not to do that.
If your riding with your mom she can probably feed you whenever you normally eat but you probably won't eat alot.
The plane ride will be the worst part of moving to your new home. Think about once you get there - all the new smells and things to investigate - you shouldn't be depressed at all.

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