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bow down to THE- QUEEN!
Purred: Sat Sep 16, '06 10:37pm PST 
My cats are all indoor cats.We have too many dogs that run loose and too many cars that go too fast in our neighborhood for them to go outside.The only time they get to go out is when they are on the balcony...and only the cats that I didn't find outside seem interested in going out anyway.


Molly ~ Meow!
Purred: Mon Sep 18, '06 8:58am PST 
I live inside only. When I learn to walk on a leash, my furmommy says she's going to take me to the park so we can go outside, but since we live in a big city, it's not safe for me to go out by myself. There's lots of cars and crazy people everywhere that can hurt animals. frown


I'm not- mean....I'm just- picky
Purred: Mon Oct 2, '06 2:18pm PST 
Well my sister's and I live Indoors...and wouldn't have it any other way! However, my mom has two cats living outdoors. They love it...but they never stray too far away from home. If you're going to live outdoors...be sure to be spayed and have a cat tag with your owner's information. I live indoors and still wear mine just in case I ever stray...but I don't see it happening anytime soon!


Purred: Sun Oct 15, '06 9:22pm PST 
Tabby and I are indoor-only cats. Sometimes, Tabby gets to walk outside on a leash and her jacket. I prefer to stay indoors. I love door time, though!

Lydia (10-26-99 to 10-13-08)

Got snuggles?
Purred: Sun Oct 15, '06 9:24pm PST 
My brother Skylar and I used to be outdoor cats, until a year ago, when we moved in with Karen. Now we're indoor cats. I want to be outside, still, and think about escaping whenever the door's open. Skylar goes outside on harness and eats grass, but he has a weak stomach so he gets sick afterwards. I hate harnesses, because when we moved Karen put one on me to take me outside, and I went on an adventure for two days with my harness on! She finally came and got me where another human had found me...two blocks down the street.


Fat is just- another word for- lovable
Purred: Sat Oct 21, '06 2:48pm PST 
Better inside and fat than outside and flat.

Indoor cats live over twice as long as outdoor cats.


Play That- Funky Music- White Cat
Purred: Sun Nov 5, '06 11:35am PST 
i like 2 go out every little while.now i am staying inside all night,coz of the bonfires.I hate them..........they scare me.


Purred: Sun Nov 5, '06 3:34pm PST 
Diesel is indoor unless we go out on his harness. He really loves being out climbing trees and catching everything that moves. Tucker is indoor only at his current home but will go out on the leash as well when he comes to our home.

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