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Purred: Wed Jun 28, '06 9:15am PST 
Well I can never go outsite for obvious reasons.

(mom speaking now )

I used to let my Mr. Murphy go outside. He was so smart, that I honestly believed that cats should be indoor/outdoor. Mr. Murphy was scared of cars, and never left the property.

Now that I have worked at a shelter for over a year. I do not let my cats outside. I see too many lost cats (in the 1000's) , DOA cats. I just fear that my little Frito is not smart enough for the outside world.

I do take them out supervised only. Stevie really enjoys it because she can hear the bugs in the grass.

Will I ever let Frito out by himself? I just don't know. I am not comfortable with the thought anymore. Too many bad things could happen to him. It's actually something I have been pondering for awhile now. To let him out or not. For now I am going with a not.

Frankie,- Dreamboat- Angel

Spa Meow,- President
Purred: Wed Jun 28, '06 4:06pm PST 
We are 101% indoor and we love it. We have beds in 3 different windows, the birds, sometimes, sit on the window sill, and that is so fun. Neither one of has been wet, or scared (and I scare easily). So we love it indoor. Mom asked the vet about taking me (Frankie) for a walk, since I am part-meezer and would like it, but the vet even said no, we should stay indoors.


C'mon you know- you wanna pet- me.
Purred: Wed Jun 28, '06 5:59pm PST 
We are inside kitties. We love laying in the sun spots on the floor and laying on the bed =) We also love windows. My sister and I really don't like going outside.


lets pawty
Purred: Thu Jun 29, '06 4:58pm PST 
im 99% indoor but sometimes i run off for a little then come back.


Black and white- with attitude- all over!
Purred: Fri Jun 30, '06 1:13pm PST 
I live indoors, but sometimes my mom will take me outside and let me sit on her lap on the patio. I love to smell the outside and you can tell cause I sniff constantly when I'm out there. However I have to behave because if I leave my mom's lap it's back inside. My brother and sister have no desire to go outside- it scares them. Mom says there are way too many feral cats near our house and we might catch something!

Lily Rose

The Elusive
Purred: Fri Jun 30, '06 6:09pm PST 
Zak and I are pretty much inside cats. But we can't say completely, because we can come and go as we please on the deck as long as it's not raining, snowing, or dark. The deck is railinged all the way around, it has a canopy, and there's no way down from it, though, so I don't know how outside that really is.


Professor- Duckworth
Purred: Sat Jul 1, '06 6:09pm PST 
My sister Gizzie and I are 100% indoor cats. We have a window perch in the den, all the window sills in the house, and Meowmy's "greenhouse" window in the kitchen. We Love to look at the birds in the yard. The dogs that live here in our house go out in the backyard all the time, and even go for "walks". But they can't get out of the yard on their own. We could get out of the yard in a flash! But we don't want to. We've always lived inside, and we like it that way. And we're safe from raccoons, kids, strangers and CARS.

Sassy-Missin- g 02/08/06

Pretty things- come with- Thorns.
Purred: Sun Jul 2, '06 10:44am PST 
I'm an indoor kittie about 70% because i'm often in the backyard and come and go as I please unless my humans are out or going to bed or it's night.

Spike and amber are In and out cats though amber stays in most of the day she's chucked out at night because she often leaves presents even though there's a litter tray and that she's 8 years old.

♥Sunn- y♥

They don't know- I pick on the- dog.
Purred: Sun Jul 2, '06 6:43pm PST 
Mommy lets us go out in a fenced in area. Mom and dad have a dog kennel right outside the back door. Mommy put chicken wire around the bottom to keep us in and deer fence over the top, so we can't jump over the top. We were both declawed when mommy got us and lucky is not very lucky. Mommy says that she does not want us to get hurt, but she don't want to keep us in the house all the time because we want to be outside.


Not now, I'm- sleeping.
Purred: Sun Jul 2, '06 8:49pm PST 
I live indoors, apparently my owners had cats that lived indoors and outdoors. They all passed on. When they got me, they decided that I would be completely indoors so I would be safe.

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