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I live indoors all the time because I live in a city, and if I were to go outside, I might get SQUISHED! I do not want to get squished. The only times I go outside are for things like vet trips or to Grandma Cookie's house, and then I go in my crate.


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Merry meet! We have read all of your posts, but still cannot decide what may be best for my emotional health. Indoors only or with outings on a leash??
Mom says: With warm weather approaching I am faced with a quandry. I intend to keep Miakoda safely indoors, as we now live in town. I once had a friend who took his cat outside in the yard every day on a harness and long leash attached to a stake in the ground... At the time I thought this quite odd.. Now I am wondering if this is a good idea so that Miakoda could get a taste of the outdoors and have a fuller life. My friends kitty was very happy with that arrangement, but did get out the door and run away once. I am worried that being outside only intermittently may make her stir crazy, and house-cat-life not so content...? She may want to try to escape and not be as happy as she would be not knowing what wonders are out there. Any advise would be greatly appreciated!

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Miakoda- I am just an indoor kitty amd I love it. If we do not get a taste of the outdoors we really wont know what we are missing. I was outdoor for a bit but I only stayed it the garage. When I was broght inside I did not mind. My owner says she worries about having an outdoor cat because of so many more things out there that can cause my life to be shortened but my brother Eli is outdoor and he seems to be fine but at night time he stays in the garage and the streets in the neighborhood are really calm. He was already outdoors so he has experince with the outdoor life. I hope that helps you make your decision. I would love to know what you decide.


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I live indoors - I much prefer the pampered lifestyle.

Plus, I don't have to worry about the dangers of the outdoors.
I think my meowmie would ever forgive herself is something
happened to me.

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In the summer i stay inside 70% of the time,and in the winter i stay in 95% of the time.So i live indooor and outdoor.


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You could try something like this:

or this:

or this:
http://www.kittywalksystems.com/kittywalk-systems-pet-product s.html


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In the summer, I spend about 75% of my time outdoors on a tie out. I refuse to go in at times! I just love it outside. I only go in for a meal or my mommy has to leave or when it becomes dark or stormy. But mommy doesn't let me go outside for more than a few minutes outside in the winter. Darn! I even have my own little cat house outside, that Pearl & I like to hide in. Plus, mommy ties us so we can go on the porche for shade and she puts our water outside if we get thirsty. Purrs!

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I get to go outside almost whenever I feel like it! It's great, I cry and keep crying until mommy finally "gets it" and lets me out. She always let me out into the backyard and she never has to supervise me, as I know not to leave our back yard.

Donny and Marie got to go outside recently. They get freaked out real easily so they don't stay out too long - unlike me. : D

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I am an indoor kitten at the moment but my mummy has bought me a harness and lead and is training me on it! I have been really good wearing my harness but she has yet to try the lead *snigger*.

I am having my innoculations first because otherwise I may catch something nasty from the common cats outside *tee hee*

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