Car Training Your Kitties

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I've lived in more places than most humans. I went from Vermont to Connecticut in a car and from Connecticut to Wyoming in a plane and from Wyoming to Kentucky in a U-haul (in the cab, with my people, of course). Now we are getting ready to move from Kentucky to Oregon in a car. Mom's a little nervous, but I think we'll be okay. I'm a good traveller.

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Purred: Thu Aug 18, '05 5:08pm PST 
I used to hate car trips, but now I don't mind them at all. It turned out that the main problem was my carrier. I used to have this stupid old carrier that I couldn't see out of; it just had airholes. Not being able to orient myself while the car was in motion made me REALLY carsick. Mom says that some people have the same problem. It was so embarrassing.

Eventually, though, Mom noticed that if I could just stick my head out of the carrier and look out the window, I didn't get sick. She got me a great carrier with mesh sides, so I can see all around me. Now I never get carsick! I still don't love being in the carrier, but I just can't resist the cool stuff on the floor of the driver's side and for some reason Mom has a problem with that, so we compromise.

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Purred: Mon Aug 22, '05 9:46pm PST 
My Mom and Dad need advice too! They try to take me on short drives on a regular basis (grab a hamburger through the drive thru, pick up Dad from work, etc.) and keep me on my harness and leash up front. But anytime we're in the car for longer than 30 minutes, I throw up. They've tried to not feed me beforehand, and do their best to calm me with lots of petting, which I enjoy because I purr louder than the car! I guess I'm just motion sick maybe? Any tips on cutting down on me getting sick in the car. My parents are concerned about my health if they ever need to transport me for a longer distance.

Thanks in advance!

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@Bruce Lee:

Actually, cats can't get car sick. It's not physically possible with them. When kitties throw up in the car it's usually because of stress and anxiety.


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Don't make them go too long w/o food. I get sick if I get NO food, but also if I'm fed right before I go somewhere. If I eat 3-4 hours before leaving, no problem.

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Harlequin gets carsick in the car if she's riding in any type of enclosed carrier, so I started letting her sit in the dog booster seat I had for my previous dog... When she's sitting there she doesn't throw up, and I can buckle her up there for safety. Right now I use a regular harness but I am trying to find a dog seatbelt harness that will fit her so she is safer if there is an accident. They don't seem to make kitty seatbelts so we're trying to find ones for really small dogs. thinking

I don't let my cats be loose in the car or loose on a leash because it is dangerous if there is a sudden stop or an accident.

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