New play toys - Robo Fish, Frolic Cat, Fishing rod

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Can we play??
Purred: Fri Feb 21, '14 12:02pm PST 
My review is based on Birmans. Other cats may love or flip out over the toy I reviewed.

I saw a new toy on Floppycats youtube channel. So I looked for it a few stores. I finally gave up and ordered one online. I got the Zuru Robo Fish in orange. I filled a small round glass bowl and sat on the floor. As the cats came closer I put the Robo Fish in the bowl. It swam for a few minutes. They watched. But no one stalking and paws swatting wildly at the fish. I pulled the toy out of the water and dried it off. The cats saw this and thought for a moment and rushed to lean over the bowl. They could not wait and began to lap at the water. I put an end to that right away and throw out the water in to my potted plants. I was not sure the plastic in the fish BPA free. Better safe then sorry.

I'll take my Robo Fish down to my sister's house and see if her Himalayan finds it interesting. But so far my Birmans think it was just okay and not a favorite toy.

I also picked up a Frolic Cat on sale at Bed Bath and Beyond. And only Candie thinks it is the bomb of all toys. She LOVES to chase lasers.

The Shakespeare Ugly Stik Jr. rod I got at Cabelo was a winning with my homemake lure of pheasant feathers and a lead weight. I dug through my tackle box and found all the parts with one exception. I put my lure on a saftey pin and not a hook. It made it easy to hook to the swivel on the line. My Jr. rod is 42 inches long. If your not one to fish, I would recommend a shorter rod to cast inside your home. I sit in the living room chair and can cast all the way into the dining room. All of my cats love that homemade toy.

The girls still LOVE a green bamboo plant stake I got at the garden store.

And my favorite idea is to collect most of the cat toys for a while in a box. They soon forget about them. Then I bring them back and they go crazy all over again. Try it and see it for yourself.


Knead softly &- carry a big purr
Purred: Tue Mar 4, '14 11:02am PST 
Smitty loves to kitty-fish. I was using one of my kids old kiddie rods til it broke. I gotta get a new one though. Just a thought - are you using a lead-free weight? I don't know if the lead would wear off at all onto the toy. wave