How to send out bulk gifts

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the queen
Purred: Wed Jan 15, '14 10:39am PST 
When casters gives out free gifts. Here's the way you can send them to all your friends, or certain ones in one shot, instead of clicking at each page.

here is how we do it, if somebody else has a better way, please post it.

1- either click on the community tab, and then click on gift shop or just go to the forum that the free gift message is in, and click on the link in their.

2- in the gift shop, click on the green add/edit recipients box, this will open up a new box. On top. It should say Choose Your Recipient, right below it, you'll see the word showing next to that, it will give you three choices of which kitties you want to send gifts or rosettes too, just click on the link of the one you want.

3- when you click on the link, the pictures of the kitties will appear. They are in no certain order, so you will have to go through all of them to find the kitties you want to send your gifts to.(If some other Kitty has a quicker way of looking for the kitties you want, please post.) When you find that Kitty you want or kitties click on the picture or just below or above and it will turn gray and in the bottom box, the picture or pictures of the kitties you picked will appear. If you make a mistake and want to delete a Kitty, you do it in the bottom box, you can also scroll up and down looking for the kitties you want. When you have picked out all the kitties, click on the green continue button on the bottom of the page, this will take you back, to the gift shop page.

4- when your back at the gift shop page, you will see all the kitties, that you picked. Now pick out which gift you want to send, make sure, it is the free one, then go add your message, pick out which sender, double check everything is how you want it, and hit the green send gift button on the bottom.

5- depending on how many kitties you picked, it may take a few minutes for it to go thru and send them all out. If we send gifts to all, of our friends. That is usually 700+ kitties. It does take a few minutes to send them out. With us, we usually get a 502 bad Gateway error message when we see that we know it has gone thru. To check that everything went thru, go back to one of your kitties, pages, and if it went through. You will see on the page to gifts. They were sent. Or go to one of the pages of the kitties you sent to give to and see if it's in their gift box.

6- it's very simple. Once you do it. The only thing it takes time is clicking on the kitties pictures or looking for them since they are in no particular order. Hope this works, let us know.

7- if you have a lot of kitties and your friends list and you want to send them out to all them equally split in two or more groups when you sending them out, instead of sending them out in one bulk send. Depending on how many pages of friends you have, you go, you do two or three pages, then send them out, then go back and do another two or three pages and then send them out, it's your choice.