DIY cat toys?

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I didn't know where to put this and this ended up being the most appropriate place because you all seem like a bunch of people who aren't afraid of DIY projects. If anyone sees a better fit for this topic (as yes, it has nothing to do with food and little to do with traditional recipes) I will move it there.

I am a new cat owner, and I came upon my cat via a friend asking me to take care of him for two months, then not taking him back. It was a very happy accident. My partner and I, however, are both very low on cash. He is on disability, and I have been trying everything I can not to be, though I should have taken that step months ago. So, we have no money and what money we have has gone to basics like cat food, people food, litter, and our hydro and rent. Luckily, I do a lot of crafting in my spare time, like knitting and spinning, felting, chainmalle, leatherwork, sewing, painting and drawing, and general arts and crafts.

So far I've made hims some fuzzy balls to play with, and some flick-dangly toys. Without sticks but that's just because I'm lazy.


Unfortunat ely I couldn't find the best made ones, but those are the basic ideas. I've made about 4 of the things on the strings, and about the same number of balls, maybe a few more. One I put one of the plastic bell balls inside and felted around it, and the one in the picture I stitched a bell to and gave it a fluffy tail. I also felted a mouse!

Felting is super easy. you need fleece, soap, and hot water. and then you combine these things using friction like rolling it around in your palm a lot, and with time a ball is created. To be honest you don't even really need the soap, but I find it helps. Here's some instructions: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3dlO_1qlHY Though I will say I just do mine in the bathroom sink!

The string thing is just simply making a tassel with really colourful fluffily textured wool your cat will be interested in. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NrAiem37eHs there's some instructions though I will warn you youtube videos on tassel making are terrible! Anyway, I just tie it to another piece of wool and there you have it, a toy your cat will case! Just be careful that s/he doesn't eat the strands of wool.

So does anyone have any cool DIY cat toy projects to help me expand this, or even just ideas? I'm pretty good at coming up with an impromptu pattern for things, just let me know. Hell, if there's something you want to see or learn how to do I will try it out and post instructions.

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Hi Chupie! smile

My co-worker wrote this book, and I think you will find it very helpful (and funny). Please ignore the low star rating - it's undeserved! The ideas expressed in this book are EXACTLY the kinds of things you're asking for!

It's called "Entertaining Your Indoor Cat" by Kevin Kelly, and it's available on Amazon.com for about $11.




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Be sure to check out Kitty DYI in Catster Magazine!

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