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Purred: Wed Jun 26, '13 4:05pm PST 
After I brought home two gingerpoint Siamese kittens (male and female litter mates), I became really interested in cat breeds. As a child, I kept a series of Siamese cats who all sadly seemed to perish on the local roads.

The gingerpoints (what I guess are officially called Colorpoints) have really different personalities from the Siamese I remember. They're pretty calm and don't vocalise as much as some cats. They're also pretty good with stangers and dogs.

Anyway, I started studying breeds and found a fun way to learn more about cats and memorise various kinds. I can also learn about the history and biology of cats this way.

I use a free online tool called Lexicon (http://lexicon.geknowm.com) that lets me type in a word and then get a definition and a picture. It also generates a list of related terms that I can study and then be tested on with the "Test me" feature in Lexicon.

It's a great game for a rainy afternoon and I've learned a lot about cats from it. cat on moon