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Hermione- Louise Peau

Look ma, no- hands!
Purred: Thu Feb 16, '06 3:43pm PST 
My Mom goes to a carpet store..they often have sample carpets that they're throwing away...ya know the ones about the size of doormats. That'll take care of the carpet needs...then go to a wine store and find out if they have any wooden wine crates they are throwing away...these make great platforms and cubby-holes to wrap in carpet. Get a really heavy duty glue at the hardware store and a few bullnose clamps to clamp the carpet onto the crates while the glue dries. You can attach some wooden dowels with random ribbons and toys for extra amusement. Stack the crates and screw them together or tie them...I add jute to everything the cat's play on...it's natural and if they chew it then you can just wrap more around it. I hope this gives you some idea's.



Mad Max Beyond- Litterdome
Purred: Sun Feb 26, '06 6:32pm PST 
We had a friend make us a stratching tower out of those tubes that carpet is rolled onto and carpet scraps. Your mom could probably do the same thing but hey, if she's ripping the carpet up maybe she can just use that carpet for your shelves.
Our mom visited a local carpet store and asked them to save us the carpet scraps they had and asked them if she could have one of those tubes.
She went to a lumber yard and asked them for scrap pieces of wood to make the platforms and different levels on our tower. Maybe your mom could ask for scraps to make the shelves and stairs. She could also maybe wrap a small step ladder with twine to use as the stairs. Twine is fun stuff. Remind her not to forget to hang toys from the shelves too!


Harry- ~*Angel*~

Come home Abby
Purred: Wed Mar 1, '06 11:05am PST 
Hi ~~ Mommy did not even think of recylcing the carpet in the room. Geez. And carpet samples are a good idea too. So far she is not getting much done. She says we are too much help when she starts to clean things out in the kitty room. We are just trying to be good kitties. MOL


Cookie- (Rainbow- Bridge)

Chocolate Cookie
Purred: Thu Mar 2, '06 7:57am PST 
What great ideas Hermione! Brilliant!

♥- Apache

Smile and the- world smiles- with you
Purred: Fri Mar 3, '06 3:57pm PST 
WOW - some very cool ideas here! You can tell Mommy to also join the Freecycle Groups on Yahoo in your area. People give away lots of good stuff for free. Sometimes they just have no room for it.

Mom got a big new dog house for the wild kitties, a have a heart trap to catch them so they could get "fixed", a big dog crate so they can recuperate. All was new and free!

Mommy will check the wine store for crates, she's always lookin for projects - she's a crazy woman!


Purred: Sun Mar 5, '06 4:51am PST 
Wow! These are all such great ideas -- and all from recycling things! I knew someone who put fabric on an old book case for his kitties to nestle in. They were already using it for nests, so he figured he'd make it more comfy for him. They loved it!

I was just thinking about those cable stations where they re-do people's houses inexpensively when they want to make over the room or sell the house. They come up with a lot of good ideas using things they already have, or by going to discount places for the supplies. Maybe your mom can check out their websites, like www.hgtv.com and see if anything there would help.

Don't you wish they had a show on Animal Planet where they made kitty towers and rooms and stuff like that?

Moo Cow

Worship me for I- am THE MOO
Purred: Wed Mar 15, '06 4:36pm PST 
If you can use the walls you can make shelf stairs with "L" brackets to hold them up. Cover wood pieces with carpet samples and make your stairs.


Purred: Sat Mar 25, '06 3:01am PST 
Wow Mommy and Daddy always seem to be so creative when it comes to coming up with an idea to meet our needs. If you want to talk to someone about some unique pet furniture ideas check out


They love creating new items that accomodate the needs of both pets and their people.

We love ours,

Teeny & Bubba

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