Thoughts on pet insurance?

This forum is for cat lovers seeking everyday advice and suggestions on health-related issues. Remember, however, that advice on a public forum simply can't be a substitute for proper medical attention. Only your vet can say assuredly what is best for your cat.


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I was looking into health insurance for my cat, 7 years old who just went to the vet (just waiting to hear back on his fecal but is negative for fiv and felv) and is in great health. Has pet insurance helped anyone? Is it worth the cost? And does anyone have embrace pet insurance? If so how does it work? Or can someone recommend one? I know it's worth it when the cat falls really ill and for like surgical costs, but I was more curious about the normal costs for a healthy cat such as physicals and the like?


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You are very wise and prudent to be looking into medical insurance! Just be aware that it will cost you more to insure a 7-year-old than a kitten. Does it help? For me, it certainly did. When Mordred, at age 9, was diagnosed with a heart murmur by his new vet ( which his old one had missed altogether), I took Mordred to a cardiologist for an ultrasound. The cost was more than $500, but Mordred's insurance paid more than half. (I apologize I don't remember the exact figures.) Mordred is an indoor cat, 18 pounds, on good food and with no previous medical issues - which just goes to show that anything can show up at any time. I used to have VPI, but didn't like their system; I now have Pet Plan and have been satisfied. Just watch: they say they'll insure a cat (or dog) with a pre-existing condition - and they do - but they won't pay anything toward a recurrence of that condition.

Bottom line: I wouldn't be without it. Veterinary medicine is evolving quickly, but that evolution comes with a higher price tag - which is only fair. I decided on insurance after I'd read on a pet-loss site several people who had no choice but to euthanize a beloved furchild because the people simply did not have the money needed for an expensive surgery or treatment. I never want to be among them, so - insurance.

Google "pet insurance" - you'll find many, many choices, so do your homework, considering your needs and budget. Good luck!