Female kitten straining to pee ??

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She's 5 months old, to be spayed this Saturday.
I noticed today that she sits in the litter box for up to 5 minutes, with her tail up, as if waiting for her body to produce something, but in the end there is only a very small wet spot (urine) left after her. I don't see any blood. She does not make any sounds to indicate that anything is painful.
/Worried. What could it be?

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Don't even mess around with this. Urinary issues are very dangerous and can actually be fatal. Get the cat to the vet quickly and make sure it's nothing serious. If she's not already on a wet diet get her on one and add some water to the food to make sure she has extra and gets flushed out. A dry diet can dehydrate your cat so that her kidneys are in danger. It can also cause urinary crystals to form. This can be avoided with enough fluids in her food. A cat can't drink enough to make up for the lack of moisture in kibble. Good luck!


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BK is right that straining to pee should be checked out immediately. You may need to have her spay surgery delayed if the cause is an infection or blockage.

Sending purrs! Keep us posted. flowers

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Sounds like a urinary tract problem. Take your cat to the vet before Saturday. Not being able to pee normally can result in harm to the kidneys. Here's info about urinary tract issues: http://catinfo.org/?link=urinarytracthealth