Indoor cats with fleas - help!

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So I have two indoor cats and a couple weeks back I noticed it seemed something was irritating them, on further inspection I found one (Nibbler) had bald spots on her hind legs.

I did some inspecting and noticed little black specks on their bedding and realised it was fleas, also found one dead flea in their bed.

My partner went in to the vet to discuss our options and they gave us frontline for the early stages of fleas. We applied this on the 17h of July. Things seemed fine for a bit but last week we noticed they were again irritated and large clumps of hair everywhere. So partner went back to the vet and they gave him something called RIP Fleas to do the carpet, bedding etc as we can't reapply anything to the cats for 5 weeks.

Unfortunately, the cats are still irritated and I found a flea on Gizmo the other day. Excessive grooming has meant more clumps of hair being pulled out and as a result of this their bald spots are getting more obvious and they're puking up more furballs than normal. I feel like it's affecting their behaviour too, they just don't seem themselves.

I hate to see them suffer like this. We are going to redo the spray stuff for the house and rewash everything, maybe try a nitcomb to see if we can't catch any of the buggers but is there anything else I can do in the mean time to ease the itching for them?

Any help would be appreciated, I just want them to be okay and I am sad I can't help frown


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Short hair cats are easier to get rid of fleas. I got the Program (Lufenuron 165 mg.) to kill everything but adult fleas. It's birth control for fleas. To kill the adults fleas, I got Capstar (Nitenpyram). With my long hair cats, I also had to get Hartz flea shampoo from Walmart. I waited a day between each phase starting with the Program then Capstar & finally a bath with Hartz. I vacuumed alot to get the eggs. Wash all the cat bedding.

We tried PetArmor but it was a waste of money on my long hair cats. I squeezed it on and with the long hair it did not travel all over them. I had better luck buying the flea pills on Ebay. Little City Dog & K9

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Lots of people don't trust the Hartz brand because of pets becoming very ill on the products thinking A pet store has other brands of flea shampoos and treatments.

You may want to consider taking your cat to a groomer for a flea bath if you don't want to attempt doing it yourself.

Vaccuum frequently, wash everything your cat lays on in hot water (bed sheets, blankets, pillows, etc), and comb the cat frequently with a fine toothed flea comb. Dunk the comb into hot soapy water after every run through the fur. And keep using the flea medicine according to the vet's instructions. It takes a few weeks to fully break the flea cycle.



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Flea dips are the WORST. The Hartz shampoo is better than that.


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Dawn dish soap, the original blue kind, is safe for animals and kills the fleas instantly. I recently gave my cat and pug a bath with and the fleas drop dead right where they are on the animal. Also a 50/50 mix of vinegar, white or apple cider, and water can be used on carpet and bedding to kill fleas. You can also mix in lavender oil as a flea deterent, as long as the lavender is a therapeutic grade oil. Therapeutic grade lavender oil is a cat safe oil. You can also dilute the lavender with coconut oil and rub it in your hands and then rub your cats fur. It is healing and soothing to the skin and deters fleas. I will say again, it MUST be THERAPEUTIC GRADE lavender essential oil. I did this with both cats and my dog just earlier this week. It has cut down on the fleas quite a bit. It will take a little while to rid the house of them completely, but no chemicals on any or the pets.

You can also google homemade flea shampoo for recipes that include Dawn dish soap and vinegar.


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Mikko has had fleas before. Luckily he does not have thick fur, so it is not hard to get rid of them. Fleas are a pest indeed!
I used Zodiac Flea Spray. You can get flea bomb for your fabric/furniture. If they are still there after one use, wait a week to use it again.
I do not recommend Hartz. It is not a good product and it can harm your pet(s). Advantage is a wonderful product and it works very well, although it is very expensive. If you go to your vet, I am sure he will recommend it.
Hope this helps!


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I have used the dawn method before, on a litter of feral kittens I rescued. It did not kill the fleas instantly, but it did work. I had to lather a kitten really well, and then with the soap still on them, I wrapped it in a towel and held it for 15 minutes. While they were wrapped in the towel, some of the fleas would try to escape onto the dry areas of the kitty's face and I just picked those fleas off and killed them. At the end of the 15 minutes, I rinsed them. I bathed each kitten like this every other day, a total of 3 times before the fleas were gone. I think the key is just to keep at it. Fleas can be very difficult to get rid of, especially once they get in your house. Good luck. I hope something works for you. I know what a pain it can be.