Post-surgery recovery problems

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Hi all, I am hoping for some advice from people who may have had a similar experience and find out what the outcomes were like.

My 13 year old boy had his intestines resected 2 days ago to remove masses. The vet believes they were malignant but we have not gotten the biopsy results. His blood work was normal before the surgery though he was less active than normal with a lower appetite, likely because of the masses is his tummy.

Two days post surgery, he is extremely lethargic, barely able to lift his head or move much. His blood work now shows he is anemic, white blood cells are high suggesting infection, and his kidney functioning is declining. He is still in the hospital and is receiving antibiotics and fluids. I am hoping he will bounce back enough to be able to come home - I don't want him to spend his last days in the hospital if this is the end. In some ways I regret doing the surgery, but I had hoped it would give him a chance at survival. Unfortunately it is possible his body could not handle it.

Has anyone else had a cat go through a similar surgery or post-op complications like these? What was done for your cat? Did they end up recovering? I want to make sure I am doing everything I can for him so that he can have the best quality of life for whatever time is left. The goal would be for him to get well enough to come home to us and our two other cats as we are all missing each other.

Any advice or recommendations would be so appreciated. Thank you.