Post-neuter BM issue

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Hi everyone, Milo was neutered 12 days ago on the 15th. For the first week he did not have BMs as often as usual. I apologize in advance for being graphic but I'd like to be as thorough as possible to get the best advice I can. During that first week I noticed he'd constantly have the start/head of a poop just barely protruding from his booty hole, leading me to believe maybe he was having trouble getting them out?

Yesterday he threw up (first time ever, 15 months old,) found several very wet, runny spots of feces on the floor, one small poop on the floor, and his legs/hind area COVERED in it as well (he's a long hair.)

Now this morning the exact same occurrence. Hind covered, one small poop on floor (not litter), wet poop spots on rug.

Lastly I should add during the night I saw him try to poop in the litter box 4 fully separate times in the span of only about ten minutes. Further leading me to believe he is having trouble (pain maybe?) pooping due to the neutering.



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Take him back to the vet ASAP. I don't know if it could be from the neutering or something else, but not being able to go the the bathroom is an emergency.

Sending purrs, please keep us posted.hug



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