Diarrhea and vomiting

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Bruno has had diarrhea and vomiting within the last week (not sure when it started, probably wednesday). His poop has never been consistent and he always had some pooping issues (the vets found nothing when I took him in). Just recently he has been pooping weird, its a bit more watery and yellow and very smelly .

He also threw up 3 times this week but he throws up randomly. He's a fast eater so he doesn't really swallow his food and he likes to gobble his food and my other cat. He threw up earlier today but I don't think he ate too fast because I was watching him.

He is still very active and still has his appetite. I have an appointment on tuesday, but does anyone have any ideas whats wrong with him?

Picture of poop below [beware]

Alex (sweet angel girl)

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Hi there! Please read up on feline IBD as this may be something to take into account. I have a website on it and especially go to the supplements page and read up on probiotics as we have new studies and information on the importance of it in helping with this. http://www.ibdkitties.net/. I hope all goes well tomorrow!


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Bruno is doing much better, he looks like he was never sick lol. I took him to the vet and explained his symptoms and also asked if it could be IBD. The vet took a fecal sample and saw that his poop has mucus, a little of blood and some intestinal cells (forgot the term he used). He said its most likely IBD (bruno just turned 1 year old) and he gave me 0.5ml Cimetidine liquid and 250mg Metronidazole. Bruno is also on a prescribed diet, which he seems to like better then science hills.

The vet also found a hernia, which I need to fix in a month after everything is okay.

Thanks again for your post and sorry for your loss frown