My cat got urethra blockage- need advice!

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My two year old male is at the vets right now recovering from urethra blockage. We are very stressed and confused as to why this happened to him.
He is fed raw diet (natures variety patties), we see him drink water all the time, he is active and playful yet his PH balance was over 7 and had struvite crystals which blocked his urethra.

From what I researched about this, a high protein, wet food diet is the best medicine for cats prone to this, which is what we have been giving him since we got him as a kitten.

Vet insists on putting him on prescription Hills or Royal Canine diet for the rest of his life, I'm hesitant because it's VERY expensive, but I don't want my fur baby to get this again.

Someone please, please give me advice. I'm paranoid this will happen to him again, and if it does we have decided we will have to euthanize him because we can't afford surgery again and we don't want to put him through this pain again.

I'm so worried.


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I am not a diet expert, others will be able to give you the best advice. I just wanted to share my experience with blockage and struvite crystals. Tommy is now 13 yrs old, but when he was 1 or 2, he also blocked up very severely twice and nearly died (you can see his story on his page). I am happy to tell you that he has been crystal free and healthy with no more blockages ever since. Here is what we did, and what I can recommend.

First, at least try the prescription food. Tommy ate it for the first couple years and it was safe and he did not have any problems with it. The ingredients don't look so hot, but it works, truly. He did not like the canned one, so he even ate the dry, and I supplemented it with other canned food once a day.

Second, and I really think this is what did the most good. I could not afford the surgery for him when he was young, so my vet gave us an alternate treatment that Tommy has been on ever since (11 years now). Tommy takes medicine once every single day to keep the crystals away. The medicine is Ammonil, he gets 200mg a day. Its a pill.

You can p mail me if you like, I'd be happy to talk to you. I hope this helps and I wish you all the best


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I understand your concern. Tig blocked then again 10 days later. I had him on the prescription food for a while. It helps to dissolve the crystals and keep the ph lower. Then he refused to eat it. So now he gets wet food, and only a few kibbles as a snack. I make sure to have a fountain for him to encourage water consumption. Also the vet may even mention this - cosequin is excellent for this. The cosequin helps to quiet the inflammation in the bladder & urethra, and keeps the crystals & bacteria from sticking. You can get capsules that you either give as a pill, or can sprinkle on food. I use PetNaturals of Vermont hip & joint chew treats, which are good quality and Tig likes them. The thing is to watch the next 2 weeks or so, as they are still inflamed and that is when a recurrence is more likely if it happens. I also test his urine with PH strips every so often to make sure it is in the right range. Also, keeping stress down is a big thing, the calmer the kitty the better. Saying purrs for you both. hug

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IMO it is best to keep your cat on raw. It could be the 5% veggies that are causing the issues, carbohydrates aid in crystal formation. Have you ever considered feeding Prey Model Raw? It may be just what your cat needs. I have 3 crystal kitties and have never fed the vet diets. I have a dog who was prone to crystals. She was on the Urinary SO for a few years but had to go off of it due to food allergies. She still got crystals on the vet diet, but when I switched her to prey model raw, no more crystals. She's been crystal free for 3 years (since I switched to raw). Have you seen this website? Cat Info Urinary Tract Health It has a lot of great information about Urinary Problems in cats. I have 2 of my bladder kitties on prey model raw, the other one is on a low carb, high protein kibble as she refuses canned or raw.

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A raw food diet shouldn't cause any urinary issue thinking Human feeds Nature's Variety raw, too, and neither Leroy or Emma has ever had any urinary issues shrug Neither of them drink much water, either. Sometimes Leroy does drink quite a bit of water but that's usually after he's been playing.

Maybe you could feed both canned food and the raw food? Any canned food will do. You can feed Nature's Variety Instinct since your cat is already eating the raw food. Add extra water to the canned food for good water intake.

Or maybe you could try a different brand of commercial raw food thinking Or try homemade raw food, like the one at Catinfo.org, or a frankenprey model diet.