Still Think I might be overreacting?

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So, my cat had a bad reaction to his shots (Rabies and Distemper). I took him back to the vet and he was given antibiotics.

The antibiotics seem to have done what they are supposed to and he does seem better, but I am still concerned.

Ok, my cat is normally vocal and very energetic. He does have severe food allergies, but hasn;t had issues in months.

He still seem lethargic and in pain some...still moving slowly. Gus has never really coughed up furballs..tonight he was wretching like he was, but nothing came out...this can usually be remedied by some hairball control treats, but he refused them.

Now he lost his voice a second time. I'm not sure if he is constipated or there is still something very wrong...I am very broke right now due to lack of hours at work, so I am really trying to keep going to the vet, because it's very very hard to afford,

Any advice, do you think I'm just overreacting? he seems perkier, but still just no quite right :/

I lost my puppy in January, so I'm not sure if it's just paranoia at the idea of loosing another pet...and I'm seeing things that aren't there...


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How long has it been since he had the shots? It's possible he's just still sore, or still recovering from the whole ordeal. It might also be a side effect of the antibiotics. I know that the last time one of my animals had to go through something like this, for about a week afterward, all she wanted to do was sleep. I'm sure he'll come around.
And don't worry so much about "overreacting". You just love your cat. And believe me, it's perfectly normal to be a little paranoid about your pets this soon after losing one.

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Well i decided instead of sitting by..i looked up some good alternatives, so I started him on probiotics the vet recommended to help keep his sytem going well...because the antibiotics constipated him and then I invested in some glucosamine tabs to help his joints, so hopefully in another week I should see him brighten up again.

I think it's just the combination of being highly sensitive myself and the fact that only days before he got his shots he was playing and running around happily. Several people have told me that sometimes it just takes a while. The vet said he was probably suffering from a mild URI and that's why the shots caused him to get so sick.

I think it was just a bad combination of stress, URI, shots, and inflammation. Mostly, I just don't understand why he keep loosing his voice :/ that's the big kicker, because all his other symptoms fit routine problems except for the voice loss. Unless that is normal for a URI?

Other than that he is still eating and drinking. He doesn't really want to be touched much, but who would when I keep forced pills down his throat every 12 hours? :/ He makes an effort to play, but just seems to lack energy for it.

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We hope your kitty feels better soon! The next time he gets his vaccinations you can try some herbal remedy on him after his shots to help alleviate adverse reactions. You can google Thuja Occidentalis for cats. Only Natural Pet sells it.


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Never feel that you are over reacting. When you love your pet, you worry alot. Tig has lost his voice in the past, but it was from a bit of scratchy catnip that he ate. Keep an eye on him, and if he is not feeling better, then I would take him back to the vet or a different one. You are your pet's best advocate, remember that! purrs to you hug