Help..Am I Overreacting?

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My cat went in for his Rabies and Distemper shots on Monday and he got incredibly sick from them. He was withdrawn, lost his voice, and just wasn't right.

I took him back in this morning and the vet simply gave me antibiotics to give him, but no steroid shot. Even though the last time he has issues he did fantastic after a steroid shot.

He still seems withdrawn and just moving around like he has pain all over. I'm not sure if I'm overreacting, but I seriously feel like he should have had a steroid shot and even though he seems perkier and feeling better he is just not moving around and when he does it's very very slow.

I'm not sure if it's just because he stressed and still not feeling well or if I should pressure the vet for steroids.

My cat is normally very active and vocal, so seeing him this withdrawn and unhappy is very very sad to me.

Is there anything I could do for him outside of continually taking him to the vet?

I'm mostly afraid of him refusing to move around and making it worse.


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I would try another vet - steroids are great medicines, but not a cure all. Obviously your kitty has some kind of reaction to his shot. Sometimes they feel crummy for a day or so, but I would get another vet opinion. Taking antibiotics for no reason can cause them not to work in the body when you do. Tig got a lump from a rabies shot, and even though it went away, I am not getting him vaccinated again. I am not taking that risk, and have discussed it with the vet. Go with your gut- purrs