Cat with urinary crystals peeing blood

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Hi there,

I have a female cat who is diagnosed with urinary crystals. She is on a special diet, which we closely stick to, but a few months ago she got into a bag of our other cat's treats and she started having bloody pee as the crystals began to act up again.

I brought her to the vet, who prescribed her antibiotics just to be on the safe side and gave me tips for sneaking more water into her diet. She still has bloody pee weeks after finishing the antibiotics---I am assuming this is a normal part of eliminating the crystals from her body. Is that true, or is any blood a bad sign?

I will call the vet again but just wanted to see what people's thoughts are.

I would really appreciate any advice!x


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Perhaps the antibiotics did not clear up any infection. If you can get her on more or all wet food, it is better for crystals. They irritate the bladder & that can cause the blood. You can give her cosequin, either in a good treat, or there is a capsule that you sprinkle the powder in food. It helps to bring down the inflammation in the bladder walls, and then the crystals will not stick and irritate it as bad. It is very safe to use. She needs to drink alot of water too I would get her back to make sure things are ok. urrs hug


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I have not gone through this with my cat, but with my dog...and was wondering if your vet took an x-ray to see if there are actual stones forming or not? Am concerned that the crystals have escalated to actual stones. Depending on where the stones are and if your cat is female or male, they could create a life-threatening blockage, so be sure and stay on top of the situation. My dog ended up having emergency surgery (he's male) to remove stones from his urethra. We had no idea they were even there, and our vet never even came close to diagnosing the problem even though he had just been there because of what ended being, stone-related issues. frown

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Have you seen this website? Cat Info Urinary Tract Health It has a lot of great information about Urinary Problems in cats. Peeing blood can indication an irritation in the bladder, have you had xrays done to check for stones?

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Usually this type of infection won't clear with certain antibiotics if it was an infection. Did they test the urine first or just send you home with meds? If they didn't check it might not be an infection it could be just crystals (since they can get crystals without having an infection so the antibiotics wont do anything.)or a stress related condition. Definitely call them or maybe get a second opinion.

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