Have A Heart And Spare Some Change

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http://www.causes.com/campaigns/73181-have-a-heart-and-spare-some-ch ange


Valentine 's Day is coming soon. We celebrate with those we love, including our fur kids, who love us unconditionally. It is also a time to think of loving, wonderful memories of our fur angels taken by FIP. We wish with all our heart that they were here to celebrate this special holiday with us.

FIP is still with us, and precious, much loved kittens and adult cats are attacked by this evil and unforgiving disease. Trips to the Rainbow Bridge occur daily, because of FIP. But, we are truly making progress in the battle to defeat FIP. Through your support of the Bria Fund, important FIP research is occurring. Every year we gain important knowledge needed to diagnose and treat FIP, and to develop an effective vaccine to prevent FIP. The Bria Fund FIP projects for 2014 will be announced soon. But, we can't slow down now, and need to continue funding FIP research.

If you are still using real money, do you save coins in a jar? I do, and my husband is an unwilling contributor, since he gets change every day. If you don't, I'm asking that you start doing so. My jar is filled right now. I will be taking it to the bank and depositing it in my checking account. Then, I will donate that amount to the Bria Fund. Would you consider collecting change for a month and donating the amount to the Bria Fund? If you don't collect change, a donation of even $10 would help so much. You can donate through our Support FIP Research Cause or through our web site:


Or through the Winn Feline Foundation at:


From the donation page, you can make an on-line donation, or print a donor form to mail in your donation. When donating to Winn directly, please make sure you stipulate the Bria Fund for your donation.

After you donate, if you wish, please go to our event page. Tell us why you donated, share a photo, and encourage others to Have a Heart and Spare Some Change.

Together, we will defeat FIP!kissing


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What a sad and beautiful post. I'm paying bills today, so I'll see what I can do.