Are your humans suffering from depression

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RESPECT The- Star!
Purred: Wed Jan 22, '14 8:48am PST 
Mouse, if I could ask you a small favor, I see you are a Plus member, and I used to be one too. I remember they had alot of cool games on there, but I can't remember what they are. Can you please list them, and how they work, then we can add them, to the new board, and whatever else they have in there, that members might want.

Thanks! way to go


Patch - wallpaper- stripper
Purred: Wed Jan 22, '14 1:44pm PST 
I have only been on here for 2 years but have had loads of support when one of us has been ill or gone to the bridge like Abbi did last year.

I have made really good friends in MOOBOO too and will miss them immensely in there even though we are fb friends. I wish it were not closing, it will affect many people I feel.


Born to Run &- Born to Moo Boo

Purred: Wed Jan 22, '14 2:30pm PST 
Cowboy, if Mouse doesn't get back to you, we can help you with that or anything else you need. But it might not be until tomorrow as it's almost bedtime here in the UK. Please feel free to pmail me. We will come back here tomorrow.

Whilst we are here, Mum is still very depressed, this time last week her life felt normal, now she feels totally heartbroken. Many members can re-group elsewhere but those friends whose humans we are not in contact with we will lose forever. All those memories gone, thrown out with the trash, 9 years of our lives, in fact my entire life.

I don't think 'Say Media' have any idea what this is doing to our owners. I don't think they see the humans behind us, those humans that have built this community and made it grow in to the loving, caring, helpful, friendly place that it is. The humans that are not all little old ladies with 50 cats, these humans come from all walks of life, male, female, young and old, all sorts of professions and life styles, just the kind of people that make a community. It is unique and nothing will ever be able to replace it.

Mum is actually a very strong person but she is really struggling with the upset this is causing her and many of our friends and she really worries about those that are not as strong, some that see this as their lifeline to the outside world.

If SAY do not want us and will not change their minds (which I would imagine is the case), then PLEASE why can they not let somebody else adopt us or at least have the community saved as some kind of archive we can view.

We are Facebook members but personally we would prefer to see Facebook thrown out with the trash than Catster.

Sending love, hugs and purrs to all.



RESPECT The- Star!
Purred: Wed Jan 22, '14 9:09pm PST 
Hi Bruce! wave

Thank you so much! hug

Its midnight here, mol, just got home from worky, mol, so will send you a pawmail tomorrow.

Us catster kitties did get adopted! partyparty

I put up a post, about it, on page 2, its on the bottom, the very nice lady, gave us a games section, and I wanted to add the games, we had in the plus section, but I couldn't remember all of them. hug

PixieBelle- angel- ♥

pampered- princess
Purred: Wed Jan 22, '14 11:17pm PST 
Bruce, you make a wonderful plea. I hope someone at SAY Media is reading this thread and can put themselves in the shoes of the many humans who feel that with the euthanizing of the Catster Community they are losing their safe space, their resources (both emotional and practical, in terms of tips from experienced fellow cat lovers), and a TRUE community which is interactive and open-ended. The Catster Community has never been simply about content generated by someone else, that we then respond to and debate without really knowing the other respondents, like a magazine or newspaper article's "comments" section. It has rather been about whatever concerns our pawrents have in relation to us, their beloved pets, and their feeling of cameraderie with a group of trusted, understanding FRIENDS they can turn to when they need to voice those concerns and try to find solutions.

My Mama isn't yet depressed about this, probably because of her meds. smile But she has a terrible amount of anxiety over trying to salvage some of the things she treasures about Catster - our pages, our diaries and the comments from our beloved friends, the thousands of loving messages contained within our rosettes, and - very importantly - the helpful and extensive health-oriented groups she admins. There is a treasure trove of material here on Catster, input by thousands of members over the years, that is truly irreplaceable. We are stunned that SAY Media does not comprehend the value in that material and cannot find the means or willpower to archive it for future cats and pawrents in need of advice or support. We view this website as a worldwide cultural artifact, and the question of whether to archive it is not simply one of a business bottom line, but of ethical responsibility and willingness to do right toward living beings.

We love the Catster community of friends, and we will not let it disappear in entirety without first doing what we can to salvage some of the valuable information and treasured relationships it has spawned. But we are highly plugged in daily, not just on Catster but on other social networks where many, but not all, of our friends are known to us. Not all Catsters are like us however. Some only have occasional internet access. Some are bewildered by other social media, or don't trust it, or are simply too young to utilize it safely. Some are oldtime Catsters whose original-member pets have gone to the Rainbow Bridge, so they visit the site less frequently now but still treasure the community they found here. They may be unaware of the termination of the Community until it is too late - and when they try to come back, perhaps to reflect on a pet's page and reconnect with old friends on a birthday or Bridge day, or to look for advice on how to tempt an ailing pet's appetite from those who already have experienced the trials and blessings of caring for a medically fragile animal - their pages will not be here, their groups will not be here, their pets' visible memorials will not be here. We can only imagine the psychological devastation they will then endure.

It is unbelievable to us that SAY Media would not consider these intangible but very human and humane factors, and make some accommodation for, at very least, archiving the existing Community content, facilitating transfer of original content back to its creators (US!), and establishing some "town square" means for their longterm customers - their "cherished members" according to one newsletter posting - to re-connect off Catster, even if they no longer value us on it.


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Purred: Thu Jan 23, '14 1:57am PST 
My Grandmew on of dos peoples who sufferes from da Depression monster always. Her fights it good most times. But dis time is furry hard. Her come here 10 years ago wif my Auntie Tico and became Catster. Over time her had uder kitties to play here and be part of specialness. Der pages when dem became angels become memorials. Dem still play here but her could looks at der pages on special days. Her finally fink I should gives Button one. And so I comes to Catster and I find earf furrends and rainbow furrends. I no live on earf furry long. Only days. Den I become Grandmew's furrever angel. I sees da joy dat Grandmew feel when her come here. Da community her feel in good and bad. Games are played and adventures had like and her imagination soar and help us have amazing lives. And den her see da news. And her feel da monster. Her always has us and we cans visits her and be wif her but no like we can here. No can be wif uder kitties and doggies in dis special world. Grandmew has to fight so much to has good life. And someone want take away a home. Our home. We believes in cause and we hopes and purr and fight fur our home. But do dem no see de is hurting at da heart not da mind. Da mind can accept. Da heart, it is deeper and it is more in danger of da monster.

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