Mac is very sick

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Mac (Angel)

Purred: Sun Jan 5, '14 2:28am PST 
A few days after christmas i noticed macs nose was very pale so i rang the vet who told me not to worry the next day his nose was yellow, i rushed him to the vet who admitted him and told me he was very sick even though apart from the colour of his nose he had been acting just fine, he tested negative for fiv and felv but was jaundice and very anemic and had a very high temperature, his blood count rose and they sent him home 4 days later with no explanation except maybe it was an infection or liver disease and that more tests would need to be done,
the next day i took him back as he wasnt acting right, his temperature had risen again and i got told because it isnt fiv or felv then it must be fip as all the symptoms fit but theres no test to make sure and that i would lose my boy very soon.
since then mac has been eating great, grooming himself, playing, doing everything he was doing before but his nose is still very pale and if i pull his eyes down you can still see he is jaundice so i know he is still very sick im just praying that the vet was wrong.

has anyone been through anything similar .

Merlin - An Angel- Forever

Purred: Sun Jan 5, '14 5:24am PST 
Jaundice is typical of a liver problem. Your cat needs to go back to the vet, but not the one you have been seeing since that person doesn't seem to care very much. Take your cat to another vet. Make sure the vet does a full exam and takes bloodwork.

Mac (Angel)

Purred: Sun Jan 5, '14 8:50am PST 
i've actually seen 4 different vets with mac at 2 different clinics...the first vet wanted to put him to sleep as soon as he was admitted and said it was definitely fiv, he tested negative, twice, the 2nd said he definitely had felv and i needed to put him to sleep...and they tested him 6 times because they didnt believe the negative results....then i was told it was probaly an infection effecting his liver as his levels were slightly off but he didnt have any typical symptoms and his blood count rose quite well,
the 4th told me he definitely has fip because of his temperature, anemia and jaundice...but that there was no test to check

i just want to know if he can survive this. cry he really isnt acting like hes sick at all.


Purred: Sun Jan 5, '14 1:05pm PST 
The fact that he is acting quite normal is a relieve. Pay attention to him very closely check all his routines eating, playing, grooming, piing puu... etc if everything is being normal you must not worry to much. For me the most important clue is how the cat behaves.


Stella- Felinis--Queen- of All Kitties!
Purred: Sun Jan 5, '14 2:41pm PST 
It's Stella. Do cats get blocked bile ducts or stones or some of the other things that people get that give them jaundice? There's got to be another answer to this other than all of those "F" diseases.

We're all purring for you, Mac! hug

Mac (Angel)

Purred: Mon Jan 6, '14 7:46am PST 
we had a trip to the vet today and things are looking up,
macs blood count was within normal range, hes put weight on and he is a lot less jaundice
but he still has a temperature, vet said that while it still could be FIP its looking less likely as mac seems so well in himself.
they are now thinking it could be some kind of infection, so he has liver meds and anti biotics for another week and will then have more tests done
but i have to keep a close eye on him and if theres any change in his behaviour at all then i need to take him back, the only change so far is hes eating more than ever!



Purred: Mon Jan 6, '14 8:43pm PST 
Sorry for being late to the thread, but I'm glad to hear that Mac is doing better! If he's eating well, that's definitely a good sign. Hopefully it will turn out to be something that the antibiotics will be able clear up.

Sending purrs...please keep us posted! hug

Guest Cat- Sally

I'm a sweet girl
Purred: Tue Jan 7, '14 3:46am PST 
Mac, I'm so glad that you're eating good and feeling better. The yellow can take a few weeks to go away. In Sept. 2009 I refused to eat and got very sick. I got jaundice too. I had a feeding tube for a few weeks. For me it took a month for the yellow color to go away. Purring for you. Keep eating. big hug

Mac (Angel)

Purred: Tue Jan 7, '14 8:41am PST 
Thank you, its been an emotional rollercoaster for the last few weeks.
Mac is acting perfectly fine and im so worried that because i didnt know he was sick at the start will i miss something again.
he still has swollen glands in his neck and a temperature so i know hes still sick and seeing as so far i dont know whats caused it, im scared i wont be able to avoid it happening again...i guess im just paranoid right now and tired

thank you for the kind words


Just a beautiful- flower named- Violet!
Purred: Fri Jan 10, '14 2:14pm PST 
Mac, we're sending healing purrs that you're on the road to recovery - hope you're feeling better now!

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