Should I talk to my friends about their obese cat?

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Nevermind since no one wants to answer...

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Jeez, give us a chance, mol. People get very defensive about their cat's weight and how they feed them. You can try to raise the subject tactfully but be prepared to drop it if your friend takes offense. Sometimes it's a matter of baby steps too. A mention might get your friend thinking about it or researching it. It's worth a try.


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Please do not get upset if you do not get an answer right away - not all of us are on every day. When I am on, I always try & look for posts that did not get answered, as I know how I would feel - but some days it takes some time to get a response.
If it is a close friend, you can chat about an "article" you read & go from there. It is tough - pleople do not always realize you have good intentions.