Upper Respiratory Infection - any information would be welcome?

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I took Tambolina to the Vets this morning, because she was 'crouching', 'not eating', 'making licking movements with her mouth' and 'doing fish faces' (opening and shutting her mouth)...Oh, and one of her eyes is weeping...don't know if that is relevant....

The Vet thinks she has an Upper Respiratory Infection...and has given her an anti-inflamatory shot and an anti-biotic shot too....I have to take her back tomorrow morning....

NOW...why has she got this? Is it through my lack of care? Is it because she has an underlying autoimmune problem? Is it just bad luck?

Is it communicable to the other cats? Is it life threatening?


The poor little soul tried to run away and be on her own (sitting out in the garden on the WET GROUND.....)

So difficult to look after four cats and one beautiful step-cat all at the same time.....



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ps...Tambolina is eight years old and has ALWAYS had all the injections that cats in Britain are supposed to have......BUT....knowing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about the subject....it sounds like a form of 'Cat 'Flu' to me.....

I'm going to go and look it up now.....hope I'm wrong.....

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Tambolina, URI's are very common in cats, particularly young kittens. That doesn't explain why you got sick but it's easily treated with antibiotics so you should get better soon. It's the equivalent to a kitty cold. It is contagious but adult cats with a fully developed immune system should be ok. It's not mommy's fault, it's one of those things that just happen. If she visits cats in other homes or shelters just be sure she washes her hands thoroughly.


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Yes it is common. Smitty got one when he went in to be neutered, then came home & gave it to the other 2. Antibiotics & making sure she still eats I think is the important thing. If they get stuffy nose, food does not smell as good, so she may not feel hungry. IF you need to warm it up or put some tuna juice on it to make it stinky. and rest & love is the best medicine!

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My Dear Miss Tambolina, I trust this finds your health improving. You have received some excellent advice as the course of treatment needed with problems such as you are now having.

I will make sure to visit this Forum again shortly to determine that you are feeling stronger.

Most Sincerly Yours,
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Dear Pussycats who have replied to my Meouwmy's posts...halloooo...!!

My Meouwmy, who is a very polite person, would have written to you before....BUT I did not get quite well, quite quickly, and, basically she was worried and didn't want to talk about it....so,.....sorry.....and a belated 'thank you' from the Meouwmy...


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And Oh My Love....My Love....My Dearest Lord Peter.....Oh how I have longed for you to be here with me....to make me well....for, alas, I am still a little poorly and must spend some time each day on my fainting couch...Miss Lillie is...OOhhhh...so wonderful....and brings me LARGE mugs of steaming marmite to build me up....BUT it is you I need, my Dear One....it is you....OOhhhhh my poor heart is racing..dear Lord Peter.....send your love to me...through the ether...that I may feel your warmth about me....oh my beloved....

ps from Auntie Miss Lillie....Jeez, Lord Peter....there's nothing wrong with the little Madam that a good cuddle and a wrestle on the hearth-rug would not cure...!! hamster dancehamster dancehamster dancehamster dance