Hairball or something else? Her meow went away :(

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Purred: Mon Oct 28, '13 11:27am PST 
Our 10-week-old kitten, Lily, lost her meow a couple days ago. She will visibly try to meow, but either no sound will come our or just a dry noise will. Every once in a while she can muster up a tiny little meow but it seems difficult for her.

I have also seen her cough here and there, and she sometimes sounds like she's coughing up something squishy and then swallowing it back down.

Other than this, she is perfectly fine from what I can tell. Her breathing is normal, she is playing and running and causing trouble, and she is eating just fine.

We have had a lot of vet visits this year and we recently lost our other kitten to a reaction to the anesthesia for her spay procedure, so now that we have Lily we are going through the vet visits for vaccines and shots all over again... Her next appointment is November 18th, and as much as I don't want to wait that long to see if she gets better, I'm hoping whatever she is experiencing is not bad enough to warrant yet another vet visit. frown Ultimately, though, her health will come first and if we need to take her in we will.


Mr. Laid-Back
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When she coughs, is it a gagging sound (like a hair ball) and the action to go along with it or is her neck straight out like she's having trouble getting air with her head swaying side to side as she coughs? She's really probably too young for a hairball. If it's more what I described second, that's asthma and she may still be too young for a definite diagnosis, but it does require veterinary attention. Also remember that sometimes, cats turn on the "silent meow" as a sympathy thing. Fiyero does it all the time when he wants to appear especially pitiful. Keep an eye on her. Make sure she's eating well and drinking water. When she goes back for her next round of booster shots, you might mention it though (I'm all about piggy backing as many issues as possible on one vet visit. Saves all sorts of money big grin )


little stinker
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Lily, it sounds like Asthma. Sammie has asthma, sammie coughed like thats for a few yrs, intill I read that another kitty was doing the same thing.(she sometimes sounds like she's coughing up something squishy and then swallowing it back down). thats what sammie was doing. you need to talk to your vet before nov appt. our vet wanted to see sammie within 24 hours of a coughing attack. he said the lungs are still inflamed, sammie had to get blood work and xrays, and it was confirmed he has asthma. our vet said to get him if possible, as soon as sammie has a attack, the closer the better. its not a death sentence. talk to your vet first, see what they have to say, hope this helps, any questions, feel free to paw mail me.