Cat suffered injury/Vet has no answers at this time

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We Run a rescue and found one of our cats fairly unresponsive last week. I treat all of the cats and animals we have. I immediately suspected a Nero disorder due to a fall (they are in a common cage with a large kitty condo) and it appeared he had fallen. He has been to the vet twice the have continued him on the same course I had him on, Pain meds and Steroids, now B-12 and B-12 complex. No x-rays have been done, but I am thinking he has possibly injured his spine. He has no appetite, is losing weight and is on continuous fluids. We are going to start him on hydro therapy to get his legs moving. Any other ideas? Should I demand an X ray or could this possible be a small chip/injury to the spine that wont show up?

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we would get the x-ray, it can not hurt. anything small still should show up on the x-ray.

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I would get an x ray and get a second opinion.