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Purred: Wed Oct 23, '13 6:02am PST 
Hey everyone Huntys momma here. I apologize if this post is long but I suppose I just need feedback and to talk about my worries. Hunter is okay. I have a tendency to become a bit neurotic when it comes to his health. This past Saturday, Hunter peed on a recliner. Not spraying. My mother said that he was angry with her because she shut the slider door. So in retaliation he peed on her chair. I don’t really believe that. Anyway, since then, he has been peeing in his box. (Lets hope this continues) Here is where my worries get to me. I have been super diligent in cleaning his litter box twice a day. When I leave for work, and when I come home. I don’t know if its because I’m now more aware of when he is peeing, but he only goes twice a day. Almost exactly 12 hours apart. I even timed this, because I thought he was blocked. Nope, not blocked. I believe that he should be going pee more often, so I started adding more water to his wet food. He is still only going twice a day, 12 hours apart. Is this a cause for concern? I was really worried Monday, so I started feeling his belly, if he would whine, or flinch. Nope. Nothing. He is as active as ever. He could play for hours. He is eating okay. I think he is getting bored with his food. But that’s a whole other discussion.
He isn’t hiding, he isn’t acting any more odd than he already is, and all he wants to do is play. My family thinks I’m nuts that I think he should be peeing more often. Oh and I know he isn’t peeing anywhere else in the house. I’ve been on “black light” duty. That flashlight has been attached to my hip. So I know he isn’t going anywhere else. I even googled ‘How often do cats pee”. I read that most go 2-3 times daily, where others go more frequently. In the back of my mind I think I’m just worried because I’m noticing it more, and I’m cleaning his box at the same time everyday.

Someone please tell me to relax and that I’m completely neurotic. I know if someone from the outside were to come in my home and see Hunter for a day. They would think he is 100% healthy and high energy.

What are your thoughts? meditate

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our thoughts are just keep a eye on him. if he continues to pee outside the box, then a trip to the vet might be needed. a time here and there one of my will do that, but, its not a everyday or everytime thing, so, i keep a watch and make sure it does not get worse. try to relex, mol, mol.



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It's Stella. Our person has known a number of cats who peed inappropriately when they were angry or frustrated. Our family went out one Christmas Day and did not return until midnight. When we hung our wet coats over a chair to dry, Christopher came over and peed on one. Our friend had a cat who had been hit by a car and was not allowed to go outside. She would go to the door and howl and if not let out, would go over and pee in her owner's handbag, shoes, or anything she could find. [She later came to live with us because she just HAD to be outside, and one night she went out and never came home.]

The only cat that we have had recently peed about 6+ times a day because he had kidney problems and drank a lot of water. I don't think any of the rest of us use the pan more than twice a day, based on the hard lumps of solidified litter that our person cleans out every day. If anything, this is a good sign and shows that kidneys are working well, as cats are desert animals by origin and don't really need much water. We are all on wet food twice a day and now that poor old Delyte with the bad kidneys is on the Bridge, our dish of water never seems to fall from day to day. When he was around, sometimes a whole dish of water would disappear, and he also used the water to rinse his mouth as he had few teeth left.

So don't worry too much right now. As cats, we would say that you should never frustrate your cats, but we hear that there are rules we have to follow. big grin