Coat changes color?

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Purred: Thu Oct 17, '13 12:56am PST 
I've noticed, though I cannot confirm for sure, that Midas seems to get a lighter coat in winter, and sheds to a darker, more patterned coat in the summer. If you look at the photos on his profile, some of them look kind of washed out, but they truly are true to color, he was that white, and I think he is going back to that again after being dark in the summer. Look at the stripes on his head, as I think those are the most telling. This next year will tell for sure if I am right...

So are there any breeds that do this, or does anyone else have a cat that does something similar?


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He probably is getting a winter undercoat that is lighter. Maizy seems to get more brown (her undercoat) in the winter. A few of my ferals turn into giant pufballs in the winter!