Spaying my cat may have causes a hernia?

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Friday my kittens went on a spay and neuter run with the rescue i got them from. I got my kittens back and my male was fine. My little girl was really upset and sore and i knew she would be so i wasn't worried. What did worry me is i was not given any fallow up information or anything about how to care for her. But when i got them home and looked at her incision it looked messy to me. I worked at a co-op student in a vets office for 3 months and have seen many spays. The incision was always stitched straight and clean. Hers was not. It looked like harry potters scar. So i asked the girl about what kind of stitches were used and she told me that she requested them to be glued shut. No stitches... I was not happy. By the next day after getting back my female was running and having fun like before. But now last night i was looking at her incision and noticed a lump and the base of the incision. Could it be a hernia? I am taking her to my normal vet this week. But i just wanna know before hand weather or not it could be a hernia because she was only glued shut?


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I did not see this before, I wondered how things turned out. I think that when incisions are glued, they don't have the same flex as stitches, so it can cause the skin to lump. (My Mom's heart surgery was done that way - scary I kept thinking it would pop open) I hope your baby is ok.


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When Kiara was spayed a few years ago she developed a hernia above the surgical site, I have kept an eye on it and although I want to have it repaired by my wonderful vet who sees my dogs, I am a little afraid to because she had two bad reactions to the knock out drugs. She loves to snuggle and cuddle and doesnt mind if I check that spot on her belly. Garnet one of our two little dogs was glued together after her spay and the glue ended up coming loose and her belly opened up again and she took an infection so had to be rushed to my vet.


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You probably already got this kitty to the vet, but I just thought I'd chime in. I HATE spays. Then again vets hate spays, so I think the feeling is mutual all around. They're necessary though, so this has got to be dealt with. I've fostered a few litters this year and pretty much every female has worried me about the possibility of a hernia. The general rule of thumb I've gotten is to keep them pretty still (I usually cage mine for a few days- especially from the boys so no one kicks the girls in the stomach since they bounce back in HOURS).

Our vet also mostly uses glue and then a few dissolvable stitches. It gives them a bit of a reaction and causes some puffy swelling in the area. Advice I've been given is pretty much as long as it isn't painful, red or hot and the kitty is acting normal, then carry on. The vet told me that it's very difficult to tell if it's truly a hernia until the swelling goes down. I was really worried about Leeloo since she just got spayed a few weeks ago and was acting like she was quite uncomfortable, but she's a kitten who was feral so she barely acts like a kitten. The swelling has gone down and now I can just feel the small lumps from the remaining reaction to the healing and dissolveable stitches, so no hernia there and she had a really big lump.