17.5 years old, not eating much, drinking lots of water

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Hi all,

Bailey is 17 1/2 years old and has been drinking a lot of water lately (last few months) and now for the last week or so hasn't been eating much. I'll put down his regular amount of food (canned Wellness) and he will eat a couple of bites and then stop. He also has been wandering around meowing a lot more lately. Any idea what could be the issue? I am planning to call the vet Monday but thought I'd post here and see if anyone has experienced similar issues.

Thanks smile


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One other thing: About 6 or so years ago he had hyperthyroidism and we did the radioactive iodine treatment, which seemed to completely cure him of it. He has done great since then, and seems otherwise great (still my sweet kitty, purring, sleeping next to me, etc.) besides the issues I mentioned above.


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It sounds like kidney disease, which is not surprising at his age. But there are other things it could be that only the vet can tell you. If you can't get him there sooner than Monday please be sure he eats at least a little something each day until then, even if it's not his usual food. If he doesn't want the Wellness try baby food (stage 1 with meat as the only ingredient) or a can of fishy Fancy Feast or anything else that might be tempting to him. You don't want to add to any health issues by him not eating for days. Good luck!

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Drinking lots and lots of water is one symptom of diabetes. But the cat would also be eating lots and lots of food but losing lots of weight at the same time thinking And the pee clumps in the litter box are sugary smelling and very sticky.

Definitely take the cat to the vet ASAP for a check up. Make sure the vet runs bloodwork.

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It sounds like kidney disease but it could be many other things too. Only a vet can give you the proper diagnosis. You should see your vet ASAP. Definitely ask for full blood work and a urinalysis.

I have kidney disease (among other things) and often lose my appetite. Like you, I walk around howling when something is wrong and I don't feel good. It's good that your mommy is paying such close attention!

Purring for you!


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Hyperthyroidism often masks underlying illnesses, especially kidney disease, so I think it's worth running some blood and urine to figure out what's up. smile