Little drops of blood....

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Princess Mits
Purred: Tue Sep 24, '13 7:46pm PST 
So I started noticing every time little drops of blood in the bathroom. at first I thought I was crazy because I would only notice it in the bathroom but then I noticed it was all places she climbs on. on toilet seat, the tank and then on the sink. I noticed it right after she jumped so I grabbed her to check, I wiped her down, but couldn't figure out where its from. im probably noticing it in the bathroom because its all white. she is somewhere between 3 and four months now so is it her period? there a really small drops though... thanks so much! kitty


Go Gently Into- the Night

Purred: Tue Sep 24, '13 9:44pm PST 
She's pretty young to be in heat. I think a visit to the vet will find out where the bleeding is coming from. Mittens is a cutie!

Merlin - An Angel- Forever

Purred: Wed Sep 25, '13 9:04am PST 
Female cats don't have periods. Bloody discharge, even just a few drops, warrants a trip to the vet.


Purred: Mon Oct 21, '13 8:40pm PST 
Aw! ): I hope your cat is doing better! I don't know if it is the same issue, but when I noticed drops of blood in my house I found out that my cat Mac had urinary issues...crystals. I know they say it is more common in males, but I have read that females can get them too. I would get her checked out, just in case! And make sure she is not straining or avoiding her litter box. I hope that it is noting though. Hopefully she just had a little cut on her paw or something. (: