Swollen abdomen? Does my cat need a vet?

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Hello, I'm hoping to get some advice on whether my cat needs to go to the vet.

We bathed our cat today and I noticed that her lower belly / groin area looks swollen, pic here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/42322670/IMG_2645.jpg

The 'swelling' feels very soft, like it's fluid inside, we both thought it was just a bit of skin flap at first, as she's long-haired and it's hard to see under all that fur. She's 7.5 months old, 3.6kg. She has a healthy appetite, uses her litterbox like clockwork, very energetic and playful.

The swelling doesn't look normal, yet she doesn't have any of the other usual signs of illness in cats. FWIW, she has been very subdued the past few evenings (hiding under the couch instead of sitting on our laps) but she's had a lot of outside play time with the neighbour's kitty in the afternoons lately and might just be tired out.

I'm thinking of taking her to the vet just to check, but DH says to wait and see if any other symptoms appear. I'm still worried so any advice would be really appreciated. Thanks.

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YES, take your cat to the vet!! Anytime you see something unusual about the cat's body or behavior, take the cat to the vet. It's better to be safe than sorry, IMO. Cats can hide pain and dicomfort really well so by the time you see any sort of pain and discomfort, whatever the issue is has gotten really really bad and may need more intensive (and expensive) treatment

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it kinda looks like fat to me from a spay surgery, but if it dosnt feel normal you might want to see a vet