Nose blister

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Purred: Wed Sep 4, '13 8:26am PST 
Hi All,
Pickles mom here. So she is getting her dental done as we speak. The vet just called to tell me that this blister on her nose needs to be biopsied. I know this bump, and honestly I thought it was cat acne. Please don't tell me it's cancer! I just lost my kitty Cinders to it.... cry

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Purred: Wed Sep 4, '13 3:10pm PST 
hugSending many purrs and prayers. hug Please keep us updated. We will all be purring it is nothing to worry about.


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Purred: Thu Sep 5, '13 2:58pm PST 
Sending purrs. The vet is being cautious - always better to be safe. But I can see why you would be worrying. I hope it turns out good =please let us know.