Cat with possible GI track cancer.

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Back in march or may, I forget which one. My lovely Tiger stopped eating. We took her to the vet they did a blood panel and called it Kidney disease. I wasn't happy with the diagnoses as the panel didn't come up with anything. But after a few weeks of antibiotics and steroids she was eating and moving around just as well as being.
Early August she stopped eating again, so I took her back in to the vet. They said it was the same thing, did the same thing. But that time she didn't get any better. They said there was nothing else they could do. (Which for the record I think was a load of bull) So I looked up some info on the internet and started sarringe feeding her for a week or so. She started eating very little on her own. I went on vacation and left her with my parents (who live in the same house). While I was gone she went back down hill. I figured perhaps she just was stressed I was gone and gave it a few days.
After giving it a few days she didn't get better but went down further fast so I ended up taking her to an animal ER. Well, a lot of testing and thousands of dollars later we find out she may have cancer in her GI track. (we'll get a more definitive answer tomorrow) But the route they are saying to treat it is so expensive. I would do it in a heart beat if I had the funds, I love my little Tiger to pieces. Does anyone have any information on this?
I know she's old, but I don't want to give up. She's an awesome little cat. She loves everyone she comes in contact with. Been great with every dog, cat, and human she's ever encounter in the 15 years we've had her. If you want to pick her up and hold her she would let you at any time! Before her illness.

The only thing looking up right now is that she is eating, some. A fair amount really compared to what she's been eating. But I'm afraid it's just because of all the meds she's on.

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Unfortunately in situations like these we only get one shot at trying to help our furkids. Talk to your vet about quality of life, how much more time the treatments will possibly give and let him know about your financial situation. Perhaps you can work something out. Check the internet, if the medicine is available from an online pet pharmacy maybe you can save some money there. There is also a thread for getting help with vet bills here--Help with vet bills
We will be praying for a solution for you. hug


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Have they considered IBD? I know that with SOME types of cancer, they can be given an oral chemotherapy & prednisolone & it can help for a long time. See what the results are & if you do not get clear answers, maybe try another opinion. I wish you luck =please let us know.