Kitten (8 m/o) has a high fever and has lost his appetite. Cause of fever unknown.

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Hello. I'm terribly anxious because my kitty has lost his appetite and has a high fever. It's been about three days. We went to the vet yesterday, and he externally appears fine, other than his fever. The vet said he probably has a viral or bacterial infection, so he gave us antibiotics. He has been very lethargic, and he won't eat food nor drink water. We fed him forcefully and made him drink water through a dropper, as we had no other option.

I am terribly worried, naturally. I have wetted towels and wrapped them around him. His fever went down just a bit today... from 40.9 celsius to 40.4.

He has all his vaccinations, is a strictly indoors cat, and so we're perplexed as to how he has contracted a virus or bacterial infection.

Anyway, any help would be appreciated!!!!!! I haven't slept at all for the past few nights. cry

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Lots of things cause fever and loss of appetite. I am glad you got some antibiotics, they sometimes take a day or so to start working. One thought that would be easy to check is food, does the food look okay, smell okay? There have been a lot of recalls on various foods lately for salmonella poisoning. If in doubt throw it away and get a fresh batch. Don't wait very long if the fever persist to go back to the vet, there are things they can do to help. Fever makes us kitties feel very bad. frown Try some mushy food, maybe even get some baby food (make sure it does not have onion or garlic in it) something easy to eat. We are sending many purrs and prayers, please keep us updated.