diabetes misdiagnosis

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I took my cat to the vet the other day as she was drinking alot and seemed restless, she is also over weight. they said she had a high glucose reading, but weren't sure if it was because she was nervous. So I'm booked to put her in the "hospital" for 3 days while they do more tests and see if she's diabetic, and if she is they will start on insulin.... She seems less restless and happier now, and is drinking a good amount still, but not loads like before, maybe it was just because it was hot and muggy... I'm worried that they may be taking me for a ride and I don't want her misdiagnosed and put on loads of insulin and she is really nervous so putting her there for a few days is really traumatizing for her..have you had any experience with diabetic cats.. is it possible for them to be misdiagnosed? she seems alright now, just overweight, we've stopped completely with any table scraps and she's on diet food maybe that's enough over time..do you think i should just take her in anyway ?

i must sound irresponsible about possibly not taking her but the reason i think she could be misdiagnosed is because shes so nervous she took 6 months for me to be able to touch her, (she was a confused stray who turned up hungry, sleeping in our shed 5 years ago) and they said maybe she had a high reading because she was nervous in the vets, so leaving her there for three days will let her calm down and get used to the place while they test her again... but she is such a nervous thing she would never be calm in those three days, the nervousness might effect the readings and then they start pumping her full of insulin.

She's not a bag of nerves at home anymore, she is stuck to us like glue and a purring on the sofa all day napping kind of cat... just really really scared of other people/new environment

any opinions from someone with some first hand experience of diabetes in cats or even experience with a misdiagnosis of diabetes would be helpful.


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i think they said the reading was 28 the first time??(don't know what units it's measured in, might be different in the uk than somewhere else) (might be wrong) That it was double what it should be. if that's any helpful info

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A very good place to learn about diabetes in cats and get help from other people, including many in all parts of the UK, is FelineDiabetes.com way to go

28 mmol, what the UK and other countries measure blood glucose levels in, is the same as 504 mg/dl in US measurement. That is a very high blood glucose level, a diabetic number. Normal blood gluocse level for a cat is roughly 60 to 150 mg/dl, or 3 to 11 mmol.

The definitive test for diabetes is the fructosamine test. Ask the vet if this was done. The fructosamine test gives the average blood glucose level over the past few weeks. A diabetic cat does not need to be hospitalized at all unless the cat is also ketoacidosis or has some other serious medical issue. A human diabetic doesn't spend a few days in the hospital for a doctor to test blood glucose levels and such after all shrug

Typical symptoms of diabetes is urinating a lot of sticky sweet smelling urine and eating a lot of food but always hungry and yet losing weight and drinking lots and lots of water.

Most cats have very high blood gluocse levels at the vet office anyways shrug Stress causes the blood gluocse levels to skyrocket. At home, where the cat is relaxed, the blood gluocse levels are in a more hormal range. You can test your cat's blood glucose at home to see what the levels are. All you need is a blood glucose meter (glucometer to those over the big pond smile ), the test strips for he meter, a lancet device (usually comes with the meter kit), and extra matching lancets. You prick the edge of the ear to get a drop of blood and touch the edge of the test strip that's in the ready meter to the blood. The FelineDiabetes.com web site goes into detail of exactly how to test a cat's blood glucose level. I suggest testing the blood gluocse level at random times a few times a day just to get an idea of how the levels are. And no, testing a cat's blood glucose level does not hurt at all or causes the cat to become scared of you.

Your cat maybe borderline diabetic. Changing the diet to low carb canned food will help some borderline diabetics. Felix in jelly is a popular UK brand to feed. There are other brands.

Definitely check out FelineDiabetes.com and the message board there way to go

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thanks for all the info, had a good read of the catdiabetes website and have a plan of action. Changing to low carb wetfood(already had some at home, just giving her more of that and no more science plan dry food), buying a blood glucose meter and just ordered the pee strips to test for ketones on a fast delivery, should be here in two days. I will test her with the new change of diet for no more than two weeks. Then if it's reading high blood glucose still I will take her to a different vets straight away...and if i get the high readings of ketones I have to take her to a vet straight away without waiting the 2 weeks.

She is already much better the last week since we've been super strict with no table scraps, and it's cooled down alot outside, she may have just been drinking because of the weather... I've also ordered her a "mynwood cat walking jacket" and am going to try to take her on walks, she has access to the garden, but she gets bullied so she only goes out there once in a blue moon when i go out there with her, and then she only lies down for a nap haha... shes very lazy..

I think this is mostly my fault for letting her eat really bad table scraps cry, like licking ice cream, buttery potatoes, letting her eat small bits of our KFC...but she really has picked up the last week, she's even stopped asking for food when we eat, she understands she is not getting it now.


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It's Stella. That Science Diet and a lot of those older formula dry cat foods are very high in carbs so switching to a low carb food should help a lot. You can also give small portions of cooked meat--but not KFC, it's too salty--as a treat to the kitty. I'm afraid ice cream is out--it's one of our favorites too. The late Delyte had a major ice cream jones and Queenie is starting to take over from him. And they say that cats cannot taste sweet! There are lots of kitties on here being maintained with diabetes, so it's not the end. Good luck! wave