how to give meds to a cat

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I have to a small pill to baby twice a day for vomiting and also I have to give eyedrops which she fights the hole time I don't want to stress her out I usally have to hold her down and my mom has to do it with the pills I have ve tried putting it in her food she always finds it and spits it out if this vomiting doesn't stop they want to run some test they think she might have lympooma

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Pill Pockets way to go h ttp://www.greenies.com/cats.aspx#/products/cat-pill-pockets You put the pill inside the treat, seal it up and give as a treat big grin You can find Pill Pocket treats at most pet stores. If the cat ones aren't available, use the one for dogs. It's the exact same thing, only bigger. You don't need the entire dog one either, just enough to completely cover the pill.

Here are tips on how to safely give a pill to cats: http://catinfo.org/?link=pillingcats

Eye drops are a little harder. You might need an extra set of hands. Have someone firmly hold the cat while you carefully put the drops in the eye. Wrap a thick towel around the cat if needed for protection from the claws.


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It's Stella. There are certain things that have the right texture and yummy flavor that are good to hide pills in. We have had a lot of luck with cheese spread, soft butter and raw hamburger. By the time we noticed the pill taste it was already down.

I liked pill pockets but there was something in them that I was allergic too so they made me throw up! I am a very difficult cat! big grin

Those directions on how to pill a cat are a joke with most cats. At the very least, wrap the cat in a big towel with only the head sticking out.

Good luck and hope the kitty feels better soon!


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Abby's mom here...we were never able to pill Abby successfully, or to get her to eat a pill pocket. But we did find that when we ground the pill up with a pestle and mortar (so it was a powder), and mixed it in with her wet food THAT way (so it wasn't just a pill or cut up pill amidst the food, but totally mixed in), she did eat the food without noticing or at any rate without spitting anything out.

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Some pills taste and/or smell really nasty to a cat, whether whole or ground up shrug Mixing ground up pill into stinky canned food doesn't always work. Liquid medicines can taste nasty, too.

Some medicines can be compounded into another form. A pill form of a medicine may be available in a liquid form or made into a chewy treat or skin cream. Ask the vet if this is an option. Some medicines may not work well or at all if compounded into another form. You typically have to bring a prescription to a compounding pharmacy. Most compounding pharmacies offer yummy pet-friendly flavors like chicken, peanut butter, tuna, cheese, etc.


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Everyone has given awesome advice! I just want to give my 2 cents on physically pilling her if you can't get her to eat it......My PIckles gets lots of meds so I have really gotten down to a science.

If you have to do it, make sure you get a pill stick. The one I recommend and really like is the "Pet Piller" by H-Bar-S Boerne. You can easily find it on Amazon. Put the pill in the tip. Go to your cat and straddle her on the floor. You should both be facing the same direction. Reach over her head with your non-dominant hand, holding the pill stick in you other hand. Use your thumb and pointer finger to push on the rear of the jaw, and as soon as she opens her mouth, quickly pop the piller to the back of the throat. Wa La! As long it goes to the back of the throat kitty has to swallow. I like to coincide the meds with eating or something special, so feed kitty afterwards and she'll forget all about it! smile


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Hello! Bringing up an old post but my vet taught me a way to have a cat take a pill just last week! Similar to what the previous poster said, pop your kitties jaw open, put the pill in her mouth, hold her mouth closed and blow hard on her face. The vet gave Pumpkin a pill right in front of me, and it was over and done in less than 5 seconds! She just shook her head and kept right on playing. Good luck!!