Mommy thinks I have tapeworms :(

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Purred: Wed Jul 31, '13 9:28pm PST 
I was meowing because I was hungry and my mom went to feed me and in my happy state I lifted up my tail and she saw something that looked like a grain of rice near my bum. She picked at it and it was moving!
She is triple worried because I have a big brother and a new tiny human sister (who is now crawling to get to me, but I'm too scared to let her near me).

Besides call the vet to get me and my big brother checked out by our vet, and clean out our litter box (which daddy cleans out every night and changes once a week), what else can she do? Do all linens need to be striped and washed?



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Purred: Thu Aug 1, '13 10:52am PST 
I had a foster with roundworms recently and although I treated all three cats in the house with a dewormer to be safe, the vet said it's actually difficult to transmit worms from one cat to another. I'm not positive it's the same for tapeworms but I think if the litterbox is thoroughly cleaned and the cat is treated you should be ok.


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Purred: Fri Aug 2, '13 8:45pm PST 
Cats actually get tapeworms from consuming fleas, swallowing them during grooming or eating rodents with fleas. The best thing to do is keep them on monthly flea treatment, like advantage. Then treat for tapes when you see the "rice" worms.