HELP! 13 week old kitten drooling/foaming

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Purred: Wed Jul 10, '13 1:31am PST 
I just caught my 13 week old kitten foaming a little and drooling at the mouth and making the face as if he had just eaten something funny...
There are no poisons or toxic substances lying around and he hasn't vomited, he just had a little bit of foam around his mouth and a strand of drool...
He went and ate his food and drank water straight after and started playing again very actively so we are hoping he might have just tasted something weird or possibly eaten a moth or something... Has anyone else had this problem/has any idea if this is the case??!!


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Purred: Wed Jul 10, '13 5:10am PST 
Personally, I wouldn't chance it and would take him to the vet. The "foaming" makes me nervous. It could be nothing but I wouldn't chance it.