Are my cat's ears okay?

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I'm worried that my little guy might have ear mites. He had them once before many years ago, which I had promptly treated by his vet, so I'm familiar with the signs. My car is currently being fixed so I'm stuck here, but if he does have ear mites, I'll take him to the vet in a taxi. I know it must be treated quickly, and I don't want him to suffer or end up with hearing damage.

However, I've inspected his ears and I haven't been able to see any evidence of mites. I don't see any wax build up, no blood, no alien black specks (this is harder because he's a black cat), no little white mites, but I don't trust my judgment so I'm posting some pictures I took. The reason I'm worried he has mites is because he's been shaking his head a little and scratching his ears a bit more than usual. I plan on taking him for his regular checkup at the vet's as soon as the car is fixed, but if he has mites that means it's urgent and I need to go basically right now, so I appreciate your input.

Photos (the last two are the best):

http://i.imgur.com/UCRuzoZ .jpg

Thank you in advance.

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Ear mites leave a dark residue usually, if you take the corner of a wet paper towel and rub the inside of the ear it will come out with a brown tint. It is also possible that the problem is a ear infection, which is very painful. A vet visit is definitely a good idea.


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It looks like ear mites.