Abendigo and a bad case of diarrhea

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Purred: Sun Jul 7, '13 7:06pm PST 
I recently became the guardian of a kitten, roughly 8 weeks old who has a bad case of diarrhea. The vet said this is because of the worms he had/has. And put him on a de-wormer a long with an anti-biotic type thing and revolution. Does this seem about right?

Also, he isn't cleaning himself and getting poo all over his back area and tail to the point he is pretty raw. Any suggestions? I try to keep him wiped down the best I can.


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Aw, he is still a baby, and it is not uncommon when you take in a new kitty that they need time to get used to things, and they will have runny poop. And him having worms doesn't help, the medicine has him all messed up. Some people say to use a probiotic....I have no idea which one though, I have never had that issue. Natural Balance Duck and Green Pea or Venison and Green Pea food is a very good, bland, easily tolerated food that may help his sensitive tummy. I have a friend who tried every food and those worked for her. 8 weeks is still pretty little, so you will probably have to help him, get some unscented baby wipes to help keep his bum cleaned up, he will get better at taking care of himself as he gets older and his poop firms up, but you'll have to help him until he's a little bigger. It is not uncommon at all for kittens to have this problem with diarrhea and it takes a little time to find the right food, but hopefully you can figure it out soon.


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when i got cesar he was around abendigo age. our vet had me give him 1/4 teaspoon of REGULAR strength Kaopectate. he had some really bad smelly poops, in about a week, he was just about cleared up. i would call your, see if you can give him any over the counter anti-diarrhea meds. if you can, and use Kaopectate, remember REGULAR STRENGTH. hope this helps. keep us updated.



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I'm not a fan of using Kaopectate, even in small doses. It has aspirin in it and that's a no-no for cats. You can ask your vet for some Pro-Pectalin which has the same active ingredients, but is safe for cats. Alternatively (and to save you another trip to the vet)--canned pumpkin and greek yogurt. The canned pumpkin has a lot of fiber which will help absorb some of the extra water in the kittens GI tract and the greek yogurt has good bacteria to help bring the good/bad bacteria balance in little boy's gut back to some sort of equilibrium. I use a generous spoonful per can of food for my crazies, but for a kitten, you might want to roll that back a little.