Munchkin Issue

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Chii is an 8 yr old munchkin...we adopted her as a kitten and had never even heard of munchkin. Her former owner didn't say anything, we just thought she walked huddled over.
As she's gotten older she gained a lot of weight, she was never a playful cat and dislikes the dogs...so her days are spent walking the large kitchen counters and napping in the windows.
Between her leg length and weight I don't think she can even jump to the floor anymore. It's a huge counter and shelf area, so we put food and water up there for her.

The problem is her toileting habits. The litterboxes are in the basement. There are two baby gates keeping the dogs from going in the basement. The other cats happily leap the gates all day and night, Chii can't or won't.

I don't want to put a litterbox in the kitchen window. Maybe if I put it in the space between the gates? But then it's on the other side of where the dogs hang out...not only would she have to hold it in long enough to clear the first gate, but the dogs would be staring as she went. I'm trying to brainstorm...building another shelf as an extension and putting a small litterbox there? It would be up away from the dogs and she wouldn't have to try and jump over anything, she could just waddle over. Suggestions???kitty