Towards Psychological Stability in a Stressful Situation?

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No...the magic- is still- here...!!!
Purred: Wed Jul 3, '13 3:27am PST 
Hi...!! It is Jan here....Meouwmy of Tambolina, Lillie, Colin and Jim.....I think this could also go in 'Behavior and Training'....but I'm thinking more in terms of the cats'(and the people's) psychological health......

I have been living quietly with my husband and the four cats....but we now have (since Monday) four more people come to live here, and one more cat (Poppy)....We've all got to get used to each other (humans and cats).....

I think all the cats are rather stressed out (as are the humans too) and Poppy's Meouwmy and I have discussed what we think is best to do, to get my cats to tolerate Poppy and Poppy to tolerate them...!!

There are so many people and cats here now who have to get used to each others' ways....that it seems to us that the best thing to do is.....nothing...!! 'go with the flow', allow what will happen to happen...(while keeping an eye on everyone and everycat to make sure that they are 'swimming' not 'sinking')

Anyway....really, I suppose, I'm not looking for advice, I don't think that there is anything different that we can do....(except spray some Feliway around - for the cats AND the humans......!!)

It is a very frightening situation, but exciting....and I just wanted to share it with you.....and also give a mighty: 'EEEEEEEEkkkkkkkkkk'...!!